David Jay Jordan's

1  -     Entrance to the PIT of Descent

           4004 B.C. to 2468 B.C. to 2348 B.C.
                 Creation to Fallen Angels to Flood

According to the theory of pyramidology, one inch of travel thru the passageways of the Great
Pyramid equals one year of time from the beginning of Creation until the second COMING of the
Messiah … JESUS. So let’s find out by starting at the entranceway on the North Face at 47 feet
above the base. Measuring from here to the very end of the Descending Passageway is exactly 1536 â
€œ, converting into years that’s 1536 years after Creation. (SEE
Measurements at Facts and
Figures )

But as we have established directly from the additions of genealogies, Creation took place in 4004 B.
Adam to Flood Graphics). Therefore 1536 years after Creation, can be calculated by
subtracting 1536 from 4004 which equals the year 2468 B.C. But what happened in 2468 B.C.
according to World History and the Bible ?

I don’t know for sure, but Noah was born in 2947 A.D. (+/-1) and in his 500th year, at 2448 A.
D. The Lord telling him to build an ARK, so he and his family and the selected animals could survive
the worldwide Flood that the Lord was to bring upon the EARTH. So Read all of this exact history in
Genesis 6, of the Historical BIBLE and notice that the damned angelic devils that followed Satan, had
already mated and reproduced on the Earth filling it with violence. (Genesis 6: 11). This happened
before Noah was instructed by the LORD on how to build the ARK (SEE
Jesus confirmed Noah and
the ARK). So when was the very depths of the pit and descent of man ?

In my opinion, it happened exactly here in Genesis 6: 1,2 …..  And it came to pass, when men began
to multiply on the face of the Earth, and daughters were born unto them that the sons of God (The
Fallen Angels of Satan) saw the daughters of men that they were fair, and they took them wives of all
which they chose. Right at 2468 A.D. This was the very bottom, the very lowest point of all times, at
the very End of the Descending Passageway of the Great Pyramid. And then twenty years later,
exactly in the middle of this wicked generation of 40 years, the Lord told Noah to prepare for the
Flood to come…. In the Year 2448 A.D.

And one hundred years later, after Noah had obeyed the Lord’s exact instructions in building the
ARK, the Flood came in 2348 B.C. Hence it seems when the affairs of man were at their very worst,
with the descent of Satan and his angels, the Ascent started as the Lord had the solution. And the
course of world history started looking up as we headed up the Ascending Passageway past the Flood
to the Birth of the Messiah in 4 B.C. another 2344 years into the future. And so the Lord in our
darkest hour, provided a way out and upward from the very beginning and Creation. (SEE

In My Opinion according to the Lord’s History and His Prophetic Great Pyramid

David Jay Jordan

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