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             Enoch designed the Great Pyramid,

The Great Pyramid at Giza, was not designed by Pharaoh but by Enoch, the man who walked with God.’ (Read the â
€˜Book of Enoch’ – Genesis 5: 24). Egyptian laborers were used but the intelligence in the exact design came
from the DESIGNER of the Universe, and that’s what Enoch passed on to the builders of the Great Pyramid. It was
not a mere burial tomb for a dead Pharaoh, but was meant to show ‘in stone’ the Timeline of Mankind until the
2nd Coming of the King of Kings. (SEE Great Pyramid Time Prophecy). This is why; it incorporates the dimensions of
the Earth, Moon, and the template of life called the Golden Section which the
Creator used in both the microcosm as
well as the macrocosm  (SEE
Golden Section Graphics).

And therefore of all the ‘Seven Wonders of the World’ only the Great Pyramid has been preserved by the Lord as
a witness to His Greatness, design and TIMING until the END. None of the others have been preserved and remain,
only the GREAT PYRAMID of the Lord.

And it is because Enoch was the master builder, that the Great Pyramid in ancient times was called ‘Enoch’s
Pillar’. His godly influence as a ‘desert shepherd’ in turning the Pharaoh’s heart temporarily to the Lord
ruled, before the Egyptian rulers reverted back to their worship of many gods. Enoch’s Pillar was placed exactly as a
boundary and cornerstone in Egypt, as only the Creator of the whole world would have known.

For as Isaiah said…. In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the MIDST of the land of Egypt and a PILLAR at
the BORDER thereof to the Lord. Isaiah 19: 20

For the Great Pyramid was not just a stone structure stuck randomly on the plateau of Giza. The Lord’s PILLAR,
the Great Pyramid of Giza, is situated exactly at the center of gravity of the Earth, as geographers and mathematicians
have now found out. For do remember that the Earth at one time was just one land mass, which the Lord later divided
and spread apart, not by inch by inch continental drift, but by cataclysmic power after the Flood. (SEE
Mysteries, Adam to Flood Timeline and Continental Drift )

Consequently the Giza location is also on the longest possible landmass line whether in longitude or latitude. And
hence any true researcher has to come to the conclusion that the Great Pyramid’s very location was divinely
inspired and NOT chosen by accident or chance.

And similarly, this type of boundary marker of the Lord, was NOT just done in Giza, but even the Children of Israel
were instructed to build one as a WITNESS to succeeding generations. (SEE Joshua 22 ) Similarly, even the angels that
preceded the FALL built a 500 foot high pyramid as an altar unto the Creator. (SEE
Cydonia Pyramid on Mars). Again
this height being consistent with the height of Giza, and the height of even Glastonbury Tor, all miniatures of the
Greatest Temple of ALL, the phi designed, Crystal Pyramid of Eternity, New Jerusalem. (
SEE New Jerusalem is a
Crystal Pyramid)

And if you study pyramidology, you will soon discover that an inch equals a year in time by theory. And that theory
accurately and precisely parallels the exact history of the Earth when you add up all the 500 feet of both its height and
its passageways. Why because 500 feet equals 6000 inches which equals
6000 years.

And Enoch stated very precisely that there was going to be Seven thousand years before the Earth was renewed. And
when you take away one thousand years, for the Lord’s Millennial rule before this NEW HEAVEN and NEW Earth,
and descent of New Jerusalem to the Earth, then that leaves us with a 6,000 year rule of man. Hence the Pillar of Enoch
was a n exact prophetic marker and WITNESS as well as an altar, from which His people were to give glory and honor
to the Creator. And that is why, internally it’s dimensions and sarcophagus parallels the most sacred Temple of All,
the TABERNACLE consisting of The ARK of the Covenant inside the HOLY OF HOLIES. The parallels are exact
because the Lord is exact. (SEE
Ark and Sacrophagus)

But in case you still don’t believe after what you have studied and researched so far. Do notice that as you proceed
in time down the ascending passage way of the Great Pyramid to the Flood of Noah, and upwards to Christ and the start
of the Grand Gallery, and then onto the
Great Step, you pass thru the Ante Room. (SEE Frequency Corelation of 29
Steps) And what is the dimension of this room before you enter into the King’s Chamber…. It’s circular
circumference touching each side and floor is 365.24 inches. And when you change this revolution in inches into time,  
you get 365 years which is the exact length of Enoch’s life while here on Earth. (SEE Genesis 5: 23)  And when you
convert every inch into a day, you get 365.24 days which is the exact number of days it takes the Earth to travel around
the SUN (SEE
Tabernacle of the SUN)  And so with these measurements you have the confirmation from the Lord that
Enoch was the man He sent to design His temple and Boundary, and WITNESS, and they have called this
circumference, ‘ENOCH’S CIRCLE’

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David Jay Jordan

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