David Jay Jordan's

                         Sexual Equality in the End-Time

To fulfill Joel's prophecy concerning woman prophesying in the End-time, (Joel 2:28,29) they have to be free from the
bondage laid on them by patriarchy and their past inherited sin, and the bondage and yoke placed upon them by societies
and their cultural upbringing. So it is my belief that this equality will be realized in the End-Time as our woman will be
fighting alongside us, for those that choose to, and equal to us if in the Encampment of the Lord. And they shall be just as
much prophets as the men (or the boys) for all shall be liberated to prophecy or dream or have visions if they are in the
Lord's Spirit. For neither age, nor gender, nor nationality, nor educational status or anything will limit us ….then. The
Lord needs all the talents of all His People.

Therefore  along these lines do consider the two following posts concerning the "Epistles" being less important than Jesus
words especially when the apostles are giving their sexual opinions, and the post concerning the shortcomings of machismo
that seemed to appear in some of the Apostles. See what you think ?


The Apostles were Patriarchal and Bias and not perfect  (Compare
Equality not Patriarchy) Although again it might offend
those that worship the words of the apostles over the words of the Lord, nevertheless it should be mentioned IMO that they
were patriarchal. They were slanted towards favoring men over women.

For although they were with Jesus for 3 and a half years, it seems they weren't perfected. They continued to make mistakes
and their hearts weren't always exactly right. They did seem to put down women as the infamous I Corinthians verses so
adequately illustrate. Paul actually violated the Lord's Law of Equality, that there is neither male nor female in His
Kingdom. yet Paul stated that women should cover their heads and keep quiet, and not prophesy. And absolute limiting of
the Holy Spirit, yet he said it and put women in subjection of their earthly husbands even though the Lord, their heavenly
husband, had set them free.

Yet still church systemites, follow these words and sexist ideals of Paul (See the Epistles are meant for babe churches below)
and ignorantly or knowingly avoid the truths the Lord stated so clearly. For
when the Lord said whosoever will, so many times, he was not talking to men only. And it was because the Lord was not a
sexist that the women who followed him stayed so close and never forsook him like all the men did. But even after the Lord
was crucified, these same men were not humble towards the women and did not treat them with respect and equality. It is
written in many esoteric scriptures, and I tend to believe it.

Women were put down and were just considered a possession of a man. The Lord may have used this in the earlier days
because of their involvement in the fall through Eve's mis-advise. But all scriptures seem to indicate that this punishment
wasn't forever and that with the Lord as their new husband, they are free from bondage and free to serve the Lord as their
first love. But these apostles didn't just put down the women but it appears some of the more macho ones like Peter, also put
down other men or in the case of John, someone John considered a 'mere boy' (SEE
Effemminate John)

Peter 'disliked or despised' John for being so feminine and clinging so much to Jesus's breast or chest. Nevertheless Jesus
obviously allowed it and even suggested that the men were lacking love by not washing his feet with their tears as a woman
did. For it seemed the men were trained in machoism as much as many of the men today. They are taught not to show
emotion or tears, and not to do what John did in clinging to Jesus' chest.

So if you read through the new testament Peter the brash and rash, who although did a great job in other respects, still
despised John in his heart. Consequently Peter kept calling him not by his name, John, but as that other disciple. But
kept saying ....what is that to thee Peter...Follow thou me. In other words forget about John and his relationship with me
and you just concentrate on feeding the sheep without worrying about what John is doing.

All men didn't have to conform to Peter's ideals of manly-ism. For man's ways or ideals are not God's ways and may be very
different Why, because the Lord judges each of us by our hearts and not by our external appearances that the world judges us
by. So similarly, a woman who may not appear to be as feminine on the outside, would also have a chance of being
accepted by the Lord if her heart was right... Right.

Well if its good for the gander, then it must also be good for the goose. There is no difference. So it is foolish to bury your
heads in the sands of the church system and honor anything above the Lords law of the heart.

In my opinion according to scriptures


PS) Nevertheless the Lord picked the right guys for the job and they did a tremendous job despite their shortcomings...as
surely their was enough happening at that stage in history that the Lord didn't want to overturn the gender system completely
2,000 years ago. For this principle is more in line and in tune with what we in the End-Time must understand and practice
in the
Latter Days.

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