David Jay Jordan's

           Platonic Solid Numbers were created by the 'Lord'

First  thing to understand is that 'Platonic Solids' are merely  symetrically perfect and stable geometric forms
that aren't just theoritical but have been found to exist in the Lord's living organisms. Plato was taught this
geometry from the Egyptians who had gotten it from the 'fallen angels'  (SEE
Stolen Information)

You can see their shapes by clicking on this
Geometry Website and in explanation of their graph they
explain  the Significance of Plato and the Jewel:

The studies of Euclid and Plato involved the study of many shapes and forms. In Plato’s studies, he and
his disciples noticed that the study of the universe involved the study of different volumes, as all that is in this
world, from the smallest atoms to the largest items, consisted of volume. When they studied each shape
(triangle, square etc) they noticed that only 5 shapes are completely equal no matter from what angle they are
viewed. These shapes were subsequently called “The Five Platonic Solids� and were described in detail
in his famous works called “The Timaeus.� The five solids represented the four base elements of this
world (fire, air, water, earth) and the fifth, heaven, represented their all-encompassing universe.
Mathematicians have long known that these five shapes are the only shapes that can equally divide three-
dimensional space, and were the pinnacle of ancient geometric and esoteric knowledge (a sphere also
equally divides space, but as it has no faces, edges, corners or degrees, was not considered a solid).

So then they go on to expalin the summation of the different Platonic solids angles.that were placed on their
graph which I will be going over. .  Ha, even though you  should be asking yourself  what the heck does
added angles have to do with the elments and earth and heaven. etc. etc. And how in the world can they be
related. Isn't that streching things a bit much.

Yes, but it seems like its a rotation and not a stretching, as going from linear to curves and then volumes does
take the bending of a straight line...a 2 demensional object to a three demensional one ... and besides the
numbers co-relate perfectly and amazingly and that's not twisting the numbers but by exact co-relation. And
enough correlations in life means something's happenning rather than by coincidence. For remeber the Lord
is the Great Mathematician and Great Architect and uses multiplication and addition in creating His
Creation in 7 days.  So if interested, do continue on with these exact corelations and proofs of the Lord's
Design ... IMO.

Heaven - 5040      ( 12 faced Dodencahedron)
                        5,040, the Perfect Number 7x6x5x4x3x2x1) (God's Virgin Number 7)

Fire -        720 *   (10 times the
Lord's Great Number 72 of His Name YHWH)
Air -        1440 *   (Lord's Bride's Number
144,000 & Greek Gematria of Christ)
Earth -    2160 *   (Diamter of Moon) (Distance to Moon 216,000 miles)
Water -   3600 *   (Number of degrees in O and 360 Lunar Days in Hebrew Year )
         7920 ............  Total  of the FOUR ELEMENTS created by Heaven

                   7920 *.... Diameter of the Earth
                   2160 *.... Diameter of the Moon
                 10080      Total Adding the Earth and the Moon together
                                 Esoterically called 'Calling Down the Moon'
                                 Biblically called 'Descenbing of New Jerusalem' (Rev. 21)
   Magic Phi  Ratios
                           l0080/7920 = 1.272 ---- Square root of Phi
Height of Giza, and New Jerusalem
                                                 SEE Golden Section and Magic Ratio's
                           10080/2       = 5040   -- Center of N.J. Pyramid
                                                              King of Kings Chamber

O.K. at first glance you might not catch these co-relations without study. And so allow me to explain more
simply how these Platonic Solid Numbers relate to Heaven, or the Dodecahedron. -The Dodecathedron
angles add up to 10,080. which just happens to be the summation of all the Elements combined, because the
Lord's Heaven created all 4 Elements FIRE, WATER, AIR, AND EARTH.....and it all adds up to exactly
10,080. And for more proof and  corelation, do notice that the Earth and the Moon when combined, 7,920
miles plus 2,160 miles adds up to again 10,080 which is the classic and basic PHI ratio of Scared Geometry. .
Why because 10080/7920 is the square root of Phi or 1.272 of the power magnification number 1.618. For its
the Golden Section or
Phi Spiral Number of Creation. (SEE also Who made the Diameters).

And when you realize that the dark side calls the combining of the Moon with the Earth, the Calling Down
of the Moon, one of their most sacred rituals. Then you might consider it's true signifcance for the Right
Side and Bright Side. For it is in correspondance to the Christian truth of the Creator bringing down His
Crystaline New Jerusalem, with its sacred measurements and ratios that are also Phi designed.

  For again do notice that New Jerusalem is four square with sides of 1500 hundred miles or 7,920,000 feet
is obviously related to the Earth's 7920 miles. And Giza is just a 1/10,000 minature of the true spiritual

Part Two Platonic Solid Numbers created by Heaven
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