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                                 Einstein, Creation, and the Creator

Could I say that ..... Einstein was one of the greatest people to have lived in the 20th century. His theory of relativity
and its corollaries, all proved that in mathematically there has to be a coexistent parallel world. Why because Einstein
proved it. He showed the spirit world has to exist. He showed that beyond the speed of light, there is no time, you get
into the spiritual dimension as in Revelations where time no longer exists. So once our departed loved ones get
accelerated through the tunnel to see the Light (
Jesus) they literally are speeding up to and beyond the speed of light.

For in the material world, the electrons inside the atom go below the speed of light, because they and anything else in
the material world has spiraled and slowed down below that barrier into creation. This is how the Lord created
everything from his Name. True Science and true religion are the same as Einstein found out, and it became his life long
endeavor to literally 'find God; He was Jewish, God bless Him, and almost did discover the Unified Field Theory,
which combines all forces into ONE Force which we all know personally as GOD or more specifically Jesus, or more
specifically Yeshua, or YHWH or the unspeakable Tetragrammaton.

For there is no force beyond God's power, no power, in science or religion that can match him because all power came
from HIM. It's absolutely provable by science and Einstein, with his soul, also called the MIND in ancient scriptures,
almost found God totally in His mind and his heart and only the LORD knows if He came totally over to Him in giving
the Creator credit for the Creation. So if you have time to look up the philosophical or mathematical or physical quotes
from Einstein it is very down to EARTH and extremely important in realizing that science backs up the scriptures. But
it's only if you have the fortitude and faith to understand the ultimate.

In His Service

David (Jay)