David Jay Jordan's

                                                        The Earth Will Help Us
                         In the End-Time

    Many of us know that the Lord will be feeding us and protecting us in the End-time, but it also appears that the Lord's
Earth's will also be helping us. For it says in Revelation  12:16 - And the Earth helped the woman, and the Earth
opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his

So in the middle of the Last seven years of
Daniel 9, at the start of the Tribulation, we flee into the wilderness as directed by the Lord. But with the
Anti-Christ hot on our heels just as in the movie the Ten Commandments, he seems to have flooded the Jordan River to block our escape. But the Earth
literally opens up and swallows up the flood, and we again '
Cross the Jordan' just like Moses crossed the Red Sea in the first Exodus. SEE 2nd Exodus

And that's just the start of the Lord's miracles, as we are 'Fed in the Wilderness' by His Hand exactly like Moses and his first Children of Israel were. And
meanwhile back in the world, while the Anti-Christ tries to destroy us, the Lord and His Earth is fighting against him with the Lord's 7 trumpets of
Destruction. these in no way effect us, but are directed at the world that has accepted the beast (the A.C.) and has received his financial, and religious
Revelation Timeline

And even though the deceived ones of the New World Order, think theat these disasters and destructions are just natural, they eventually figure out that
they are being orchestrated by our
Two Prophets It's them with their weapons of war and us with only the Lord and His Earth as our defense and offense.
No weapon that is formed

So we have to know the Earth and its power for it wasn't created by Evolution but by the Lord himself. This is the reason that the 'Ratios of the Earth' are
important. For we have to understand how the Lord designed it and created all things. SEE
Spiral of Creation . And this Phi template of the Lord is
incorporated into our design as well, for "
We are made in His Image' and it's for this reason that we can access the power of the Earth for we have a
Common Creator and both are designed via the Golden Section.  So with it's magnification and projection power, surely it is possible for us to connect up
more directly with the EARTH..

For aren't there uinnumerable Bible Stories about the Lord using His weather to bring about victories for His people. Didn't the Earth open up for Moses
to destroy his enemies within His Encampment. Didn't Joshua actually ask the Lord to stop the Sun or earth in its rotation so that there would be light
enough for him to continue to defeat his enemy. Didn't Jesus still the storm and didn't his disciple Peter
walk on the water So can't we also walk on water
by faith, and can not we also ask the Earth to help us.

This is what a lot of
Prophecy Board is about. This is why the Geography Board shows the design of geography is not b chance but by the Lord's Design.
Why, to give us faith that the Earth can help us because it also is under the dominion of the Lord of Lords.
This is why the Earth Mysteries Board
attempts to solve some of the questions about the Earth and why the
Earth's exact Frequency And this is why the Frequency Board tries to relate the
correlations of all these frequencies together. And this This is why the
Science Board's aim is to show conclusively that the Lord is in absolute control of
the elements and His laws of the Spirit dictate and control the laws of the physical.
He is Ruler of all.

And this is why we evenhave to study the earth religions, and understand true Rituals of Christianity that don"t worship the Earth but that worship the
One that created the Earth.  Why, because the Lord's temple and place of worship is not inside a building but outside in His Creation, a temple made
without hands.

Because in my opinion, we have to understand the Earth and its Science and its Spirituality, before it can be of use to us. For if we don't have the Faith to
Command it according to the Lord's WORD, how can the Earth help us.

In my opinion

David Jay Jordan