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                                            Earth Resonance with 33 and 111 Hertz

The Earth shall help the Lord's people in the End Times literally, so its rational to think that we shall be in tune with it because
we shall be in tune with the Lord Himself and therefore all of His Creation. His Name adds up to
11, the unseen center of creation,
and His pyramid frequency in His temple and in us His living Temple is
33, and they are harmonic. And if we go that extra step
from 110 (33 times 3.3333) to 111 hertz, the gateway to the spirit, then surely even the earth shall help us.

And do remember, the
Earth's Resonance is not a random vibration, but the frequency it takes for the Lord's light via its speed to
circumvent all of His Earth  (24,868miles in circumference by 186,000 miles per second = one circumnavigation pulse every .13
seconds or 7.83 hertz (vibrations) per whole second.

And notice how harmonically the wave of 33 nodes at
111 and 333, and makes a vesica pisces divisions of 1/3 between

For further confirmation SEE
Sonic Stone Levitation and its Graphics and especially 3 Spirals of phi crystals to 33 hertz

David Jay Jordan