David Jay Jordan's

                          Early Christian Church accused of 'Sexual Immorality'

Lets seriously study history, and determine why the early Christian church was accused of being immoral and committing
immoral acts in secrecy at their love feasts. Because this fact of history seems rather blatant and repeated so much that it must
have been true. The Roman culture considered them deviates and immoral because for over THREE HUNDRED YEARS, they
consistently kept being accused of having sex orgies at their meetings.

Did you catch it for 300 hundred years, not from a small branch schism break away group committing some free sex in a
cultist environment away from the main group, once or twice…but groups everywhere practicing the same  'love feast' or
communion of love all over the Roman Empire for over 300 years. All the early church was doing these so called immoral
sexual group communions for over 300 years. What leader taught them to do this ?
No it wasn't a deviate leader, but had to be the original leader who passed on this sexual union of hearts, right from the start
when He was with them. There is no other logical rational explanation. Jesus taught them group sexuality, to love HIM and
love one another. Research this for yourselves and come to your own conclusions.

And then study and find out who was calling them 'immoral'. It was none other than the vile ruthless Roman culture that was
built and maintained by violence, and war. It was adamantly opposed to free sex, although they did allow prostitution if the
prostitutes paid taxes. They did allow sex slaves to be used and abused. They did allow baths for the rich, and for their
pleasures. And they did allow orgies for the wealthy, which were not love orgies but involved all sorts of real deviate and
painful and gross acts, such as torture, bondage and worse.

And yet this war mongering violent culture that appeased its proud selfish citizens with ungodly tortures and killings in its
Coliseum, was the ones who accused the early Christians of being 'immoral. The war culture accused the love culture of being
immoral. Take time for that truth to sink in. The dark side accusing the light and loving side of being immoral and using these
accusations of sexual immorality as an excuse, to then torture and kill them as well.

Has it sunk in ? Now, lets not put that in the far past, but bring this principle up today and see if it applies. For is the church,
politics and culture of today's Western world any different. Their whole lifestyle is based on the war industries and bringing
war to any and all countries that they can overcome under whatever pretense they determine or cause. And is the West, pro-
sex or anti-sexual ?It is anti-sexual yet like the Romans of the past, they can not completely stamp it out, and so allow married
sex and some other forms to exist. But not too much as that would change society and change it from promoting war to
promoting love and peace between individuals and peace on Earth.

Are you seeing it ? For hindsight is rather easy to determine with a little study, but present current event sight is much harder
because of allegiances and indoctrinations etc..     So who accuses us and swingers of being immoral ? And why are they trying
to shut down swing clubs, nude beaches etc...? The scribe and Pharisee church directing the political system and legal
enforcement authorities.

Do the research, study real history. Study why the suck up Christian apologists had to try and deny that the early Christians
were having love feasts for 300 hundred years, and why everything changed once the Christian Paulians forefathers voted to
reject the truth of their heritage of love and forced the church to be asexual and against sex. For then and ONLY then did the
Roman Pope and the Roman society take in the church as its official religion.

Believe in true history brethren and your faith will increase immensely. Follow your hearts and you can get back to the
foundation of our faith...LOVE. (not war)
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