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    Dowsing is bad and evil and only done by New Age believers . Right ?

No  .. wait a minute, dowsing has been a tried and tested method of finding water for centuries, and even mining companies hire dowsers to try and locate mineral deposits
for them. And believe me, they arent doing it for religious, or scientific confirmations, but for economic reasons. .Sure, it isn't an absolute science as results vary greatly
with who-ever is dowsing and a few other parameters, but nobody can blatantly say that it is a hoax considering the resulting fountains of water and geological finds.

So what is happening scientifically and what implications are there spiritually, because remember the natural world and spiritual worlds are joined ? But first, you should
be asking, what is dowsing? Well to put it simply, it's holding something whether organic or metallic that bends downwards or inwards when going over or into a certain
type of field. Ha, hows that for a general loose definition because dowsing varies greatly, but in all cases a reaction happens when a desired object is within range.

The one I have tried was simply two 18 inch metallic coat hangars with a right angle in them for a handle to hold, while they projected straight outwards when held in each
hand. You move slowly and if the two parallel and horizontal rods, separate or cross, theoretically you have water beneath that spot. But not just water, but moving water,
meaning a stream. Wild and ridiculous¦.Right ? Well I was never successful doing this, but I was never looking for water.

Yet wait another minute, Wilhelm Reich discovered an ether or a organic sexual energy that has always pervaded Creation and it is attracted to living things. It is a flow of
the Lord spiritual energy to living and moving things. (See Sex and Science Board)  Hmmmmm ¦. So some energy is coming off (or into) the water passing deep within the
earth or near the surface, and these rods pick it up and separate because they become like charged and repel one another. Well, thats possible ..Isnt it and its not hocus
pocus because look at the results.

Whoa Jay. Not everyone can do it. Yes, exactly there is an element of believe involved. Why, because remember in physics, faith is lack of resistance and disbelief and fear
is friction (See
Science Board). So whoever is holding the dowsing rods has to have belief in its effectiveness to be a literal neutral and impartial and unbiased holder of the
rods so that they can work. And believe it or not, it is said, that a truly gifted dowser can dowse for items through mental imagery, and seek using that imagery focused in
their minds. Hocus Pocus, No ¦.. just the power of our God-given minds, to produce a vibration that is looking for a corresponding vibration and real article in the real
world that is lost. For again, if the dowser is focused enough and sensitive enough, this paranormal event isnt so paranormal as it is just an application of the science of our
spiritual minds that we just dont fully understand as yet.

For I definitely am no expert, and am not much into dowsing personally, but I do know something scientific and spiritual is happening. For if you read Pyramid Power by
Max Toth, you can personally find out that a Golden Section Pyramid gives off energy above its capstone. (See
Golden Section and Phi and Pyramids and our Human
Bodies). It even works for paper pyramids you can construct yourself because the geometry, the shape actually concentrates power, and again this is not hocus pocus but
just the template of design by the Lord in His creative power. (SEE magic ratios) So if you know these things you dont have to be afraid, its just the Lords Science. For
remember even the Lord himself built His New Jerusalem home for us shaped as a Crystal Pyramid. (See
Revelations Timeline and New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid).

Come on Jay, are you trying to tell us, that spiritual energy comes off a pyramid¦. Yes, and further more if you take some dowsing rods and put them over a person facing
away from you and ask them to randomly pray at times, and be totally null and void at times, you can literally tell when they are praying. How, because the dowsing rods
over their heads will separate when they are truly trying to communicate in the spirit. Ha, for again¦.. wait another minute, you cant tell if somebody is really praying can
you?  Well, Jesus definitely knows when you are truly in prayer or just going through the motions, if you dont pray with all your heart, soul and strength, nothing
happens and it seems that if there is no connection or no heart and mind power then the rods just dont separate. Another Ha¦for I tried it on a different person who
supposedly tried to pray, but nothing happened. Why because they were just pretending and they admitted it afterwards.

Jay, you are weird and are going to blow away your Christian friends ¦.. Sorry, but thats Science and just as with sex and all the other mysteries unto the pure all things are
pure as long as we are directly and personally connected to the Lord of Lords, and King of the Spirit World.  For again, did you know that these same dowsing rods can tell
you when you cross a ley-line. And Im not talking theory here for this one I have had a lot of experience experimenting with. Ley lines are real and they do exist, (See
Ley-Lines Posting). For what is a ley-line except a straight line pathway created by the Earth which as we know by now, was created by the Lord precisely. And it seems
because it is a dodecahedron perfectly symmetrical body (See Sacred Geometry Shapes) that it would have straight-line pathways throughout to keep the harmonic and
electrical balance needed for life.

Whoa, youve gone off the deep-end Jay. Again¦.No, as after finding a very definite ley-line that we found the same separation of dowsing rods happened with all that tried
it, so it wasnt subjective, and electrical line of force was present, straight forward and simple. I mean it was a north-south ley line and so I went about a mile south and
picked it up again absolutely in line to where it was suppose to be. So does this mean there are more powerful places on earth where lines cross, than just random locations.

Hmmm ¦ well that is what it seems to indicate but the Lords Spirit is all powerful and we are not bound by place and time and we definitely should be opposed to place
worship but then again does not the Lord have a special place where we are to worship and that Jerusalem, beautifully situated the joy of the whole earth. And isnt it the
exact location down to which his magnificent New Jerusalem will descend (Revelations 21)

So there you go some physical experimentation you can do on your own, if you have the courage and the faith, to show you there is more to this world than mere flesh and
blood. There is a spiritual dimension that we can experience and even detect.There is a world beyond ours and co-existent to ours (like Einstein proved mathematically) and
it is ruled by the King of Kings as He is the
Creator of All.   And His name is Jesus, and He is all-powerful, and you dont need dowsing rods to find Him as it just takes a
real prayer of the heart to connect up with His Power.

In His Scientific Service

David Jay Jordan