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                   Does the Lord have a Penus?

Now don't get shocked by this simple question. The Lord obviously
had one, when He was here on Earth, Right ? Well, of course, He did,
because He was one of us, and we were
Made in His Image. In other words,
we were minature copies of his divine body. (SEE
Golden Section and Our
Bodies Graphics).

So now, that the Lord has gone back to the heavenlies, does He now have One ? Has He cut it off because it is
offensive, as the church people believe ?  Has He been neutered to become more spiritual and so as not to offend
the church people. Obviously Not !!. Why, because  sex has always been  an integral part of creation, and He is the
Creator .. Right ? (SEE
Jesus is the Creator)

Who do you think created sex, the devil ? Absolutely NOT, as the devil has created nothing and only tries to take
credit for what the Lord has made. And yet the devil even has the gaul and nerve to try and pretend to have created
sex. For in this way, he can trick people into accepting him if they think he is the one that created such a
wonderful thing such as sex. But it's a lie, the Lord of Lords created sex and is sexual and so surely has a sexual

Wasn't His First Commandment to Adam and Eve, 'Make love and reproduce' Right ? (Genesis 1: 28) And He
didn't have to give them instructions as they knew naturally and instinctively how to do it. The Lord had created
them to do it, and the Lord already gave them the natural attraction for each other as well and the perfect
equipment in which to become One and reproduce. Sex wasn't the original sin but the original and first
commandment (Genesis 3). The sin was the twisting of God's words and the evil tree of knowledge of good and
evil. They already had the good tree of good knowledge, so all they gained was the evil knowledge. And it was then
that they knew they were ashamed of their naked bodies and tried to cover up..

But with honesty and purity, there is absolutely nothing to be ashamed about concerning our divine beautiful
bodies. For unto the pure all things are pure, whether we are male or female. Correct ?

So if the Lord is the Bridegroom, in all prophetic scriptures, does He have a penus or do you visualize Him always
covered up ? Sure His glorious body, is almost too radiant and beautiful for us to see, especially when Not in His
Spirit. But didn't Moses see his back parts as the Lord passed by ? (Genesis 33: 23) And doesn't 'back parts' mean
His 'Gluttoness Maximus'. And therefore surely the Lord God of Moses and Abraham and Noah, the Great 'I AM',
has a body. And on the other side, would He not have had a penus or a'Pontus Maximus'. (SEE
Spiritual Bodies)

As 'Pontus Maximus' is what the Pope was suppose to have, the biggest member of all, which is where the word
Pope came from. So would not our Lord be the ultimate Pope, with the ultimate creating and powerful member.
For again, even in science, reproductive seed comes from the male penus, and carries the word of life called DNA,
so is the penus good or bad ?

Is it also just a coincidence that almost all l religions depict their God as epthothallic meaning having an
erection, and being potent. So does not 'Our Lord and God have One' for there is no other God, except Him. And
matter of fact, the father has a Mother, and she's also 'divine' with a divinely shaped body. And you might know
her as the
Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit is Feminine.

So is Sex divine between them. Yes ! As
Sex is Divine even among us. is it beneficial and inspiring  and does it
help us reproduce. Yes !  (SEE
10 Benifits). We know the fallen angels had members and made love to the
daughters of men, so did the upright erect angels also have this ability and capability under the right conditions.
Surely the answer must be Yes. For even though we aren't married to only one person in heaven but to the Lord
himself, will there be sex in heaven ? The answer seems again obvious.

Does the Lord of Lords have a 'Sacred Penus' ? .......... Yes

In My Opinion

David Jay Jordan
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