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Divine Design of the Human Face
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If there is absolutely one thing we should realise, it is that we are
have bodies just like us, not because it says so, but because its a truth.
Its a mathematical, ratio of design truth that can be studied and under-
stood and comprehended. Ours is not a religion of dreams and hoped
for conclusions but an absolute truth that can be verified in real life
through experiences, and through verification and study of REAL

As you should know by now, BEAUTY itself is a mathematical ratio
that just is 'beautiful'. It is not a subjective choice but an ingrained template
of design straight from a five pointed star, straight from the phi propagation
of life and expansion, straight from the essense of life itself created by DESIGN not by evolutionary chance. We are attracted to
the human body, because we are weak and carnal but because we are obeying the central attraction to beauty that the CREATOR
HIMSELF put in us.

And this attraction is not lust but appreciation of the beauty He has created within us. We are only beautiful because of HIM,
and hence if we have that spirit of thankfulness in us, our naked bodies are not only beautiful to behold but awesome in power.
Again forget literary license, but understand the physics of POWER. Cause again our religion is not word twisting and
translations but literal FACTS and MATHEMATICS that are reproducible. Ours is the religion of true SCIENCE, the science
created by the CREATOR...JESUS. For there is absolutely nothing that is, that wasn't created by HIM.

 And so when nude, when naked in HIS/HER absolute most powerful state where all is revealed, we are not weakened but
strengthened in power. So that the ultimate charge can ascend up our bodies to the plane of reflection and out to HIM, which
allows HIM to INspire us at that same plane of reflection. This is what happens at climax, brethren and it is biology and not
mere literary concepts. The sexual energy of obeying the first commandment gives us a charge that raises up from our genitals to
our brains at the PHI level peak or apex or cornerstone of His greatest Temple, our bodies. At this plane of reflection, at our
brow, we explode with His energy and send off signals of THANKS and PRAISE to HIM. For it is here, where even our simplist
prayers and thoughts are relayed to Him and where HE speaks to us, or where SHE, the Holy Spirit speaks to us. (SEE Sex and
Science)  So again, this is a scientific biological truth and exact area or plane that each of us has....and it is HERE where the
culmination or starting point of PHI or the GOLDEN SECTION starts in the PHI DESIGN of our Sacred Temples.

NOW don't be overwhelmed by this summation of phi design, but just start by understand it first

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What is PHI Golden Section
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And now, study our sacred faces and how phi design has been implemented right into its shape, by the Lord Himself because
HIS FACE is BEAUTIFUL. Do you NOW understand the concept of PHI. Its the Lord's ratio of beauty. Therefore NOW, you
are ready, to check out our whole facial area, and proportions both lengthwise and width wise.

(From http://divineproportionfi.blogspot.com/2007/04/human-face.html)

Human Beauty is based on the Divine Proportion

The blue line defines a perfect square of the pupils and
outside corners of the mouth. The golden sectionof these
four blue lines defines the nose, the tip of the nose, the
inside of the nostrils, the two rises of the upper lip and
the inner points of the ear. The blue line also defines the
distance from the upper lip to the bottom of the chin.

The yellow line, a golden section of the blue line, defines
the width of the nose, the distance between the eyes and
eye brows and the distance from the pupils to the tip of
the nose.

The green line, a golden section of the yellow line defines
the width of the eye, the distance at the pupil from the eye
lash to the eye brow and the distance between the nostrils.

The magenta line, a golden section of the green line, defines
the distance from the upper lip to the bottom of the nose
and several dimensions of the eye. (End of excerpt)

Isn't that absolutely amazing. Study it, because it is a KEY in gaining more FAITH in your divine DESIGN and why nakedness,
or nudity, or sexuality, or just our clothed bodies can be so powerful. WHY because through our design mathematics and
expansions of phi, we are capable of further expansions beyond. Again mathematical and via the Lord's ingrained physics not just
some word play. This is why we are mesmerized by beautiful faces and smiles, and eyes?

This is why our dancing is beautiful, why running is beautiful, why we look beautiful in motion. Why we look beautiful naked,
Why we look beautiful at rest. Why we can literally scientifically communicate to the Lord. Its all wrapped up in our sacred
design because we are made in HIS AWESOME BEAUTIFUL IMAGE.

And there you have it why our human faces are just part of why we are created beautiful.. Its by the DESIGN of the LORD !!!
Do the research, it is well worth the effort, when you understand PHI, or the GOLDEN SECTION, the ratio of BEAUTY. It is
heaven sent and not man made. Don't give credit for beauty to others or even yourself, but to the LORD who created beauty..

In His Service