David Jay Jordan's

        Disciples were Not 'Unlearned
                  and Ignorant Men'

Some promote ignorance and keeping the Lord's
sheep ignorant and give them false hope that magically
and miraculously they will someday supernaturallly
without effort and without reason be taught by the
Lord, but I totally disagree and all scriptures disagree
as well, in my opinion.

The only exception is babes and they are expected to learn further from the Lord after a
few verses have sunk in. We are all suppose to grow, and add precept upon precept. Let's
call it the 'miraculous mental conception' But to be fair to you, almost all churches believe
this if they don't believe in the instant Rapture. They think they don't have to study and
learn and do the Lord's work. They think it will just come to them even though they
haven't done their part. Ridiculous and a very dangerous doctrine of trying to keep
disciples ignorant and unlearned. yet if such were the case, then nobody should read
anything you say, nor try to figure out what the heck you are saying because they don't
have to. So if you are saying they shouldn't read your stuff, I might agree with at least
that part of your 'new doctrine'

But as for the ignorant and unlearned men. Again Joel are you falsely saying Jesus never
taught them about His Name, and never taught them the scriptures and even the esoteric
scriptures like Enoch. because yo said the disciples remained ignorant and unlearned men.
NO< absolutely not Jesus was a teacher and He tauight them. Any other doctrine like
is ludicrous. They used to be 'ignorant and unlearned' but they learned scriptures as
evidenced by Stephen and the rest of them that memorized and knew their ancestors and
the Messiah and knew the fulfillments of Messianic prophecies and much much more.
were NOT IGNORANT and UNLEARNED. Crazy and actually demeaning to them and

So again just because you may not know some things, doesn't make them not so...and just
because you can't make simple internet searches of the Names of God by punching in
Tetragrammaton, YHWH, or a multitude of other entries that would lead you within
to truths beyond your present grasp is not my fault but yours. Use the internet for
searching and learning Joel. It's easy, that's what it is for. If you a shut away, use your
browser and search. Learn don't stagnant and above all don't encourage others to stop
learning from the Lord whether in accepted scriptures, other truths, or even in sceince.
Don't you know JESUS is the Creator and hence the giver of all physical laws. So how can
His physical laws differ from His spiritual laws. They have to be one as 'above so below'
'on Earth as it is done in Heaven'

So enough of this foolish talk about the disciples being ignorant and stupid and unlearned.
they weren't. They didn't know it all, but neither do we, but we are expected to learn. if we
don't that's our fault and if we are so foolish as to encourage the Lord's people to stay
ignorant and dumb and hope for the insanity of instant knowledge...that's truly dumb and

In His Educational service

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