Brethren, you just have to get over the delusion of the church people that everything was written down in the Bible and there are
no more truths to come out, no more prophecy to be given and that everything is already down in black and white in the new
Protestant Version of their Bibles.

Jhn 21:25 And there are also many other things which Jesus did, the which, if they should be written every one, I suppose that
even the world itself could not contain the books that should be written. Amen.

So is that an AMEN from you or NOT ? Do you really think everything has been told about Adam and Eve and you know all the
details ? Do you really think everything about King david was written down and you know every detail and motivation of his life.
Do you think every word Jesus ever said was written down in the gospels or just the most important basic ones ?

And why aren't the lives of ther women given in more detail. How did Deborah become a JUDGE of all ISRAEL. It is said she
was a prophetess, so what were her prophecies. Why weren;t they written down ? Why not more details about Miriam, as she
was said to be a prophetess. Did she only give one prophecy ? What about Ruth ? What about Rachel and Leah and their
prophecies ?

For if their lives weren't written in full in the basic BIBLE, can we not find ut more about them. Well TRIXIE, my wife is. She is
reading historical novels about Deborah, Leah, Rachel, Jael, Abigail and others. And it is inspiring her no end. Its revelatory. It is
so down to earth and confirming ?

She's beginning to be an expert on women of the Bible and reliving their lives through the written word. Its building renewed faith
in her concerning prophecy and hearing from the Lord. Her sisterhood from the past is just like us, just like her. They were real
and are now more real in her mind and heart. The Lord has always spoken through women, and yet they have been villified and
kept down all these years and generations and centuries and milleniums.

But any can go further and find out the truths of what they experienced in the SPIRIT if you really want to. Its there, as their
testimony for the Lord has to be told, and their whole story and emotions, and love for the Lord is not all in the Bible. THERE IS

Love in Jesus

David Jay Jordan
Deborah, Equality and MORE
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