The implications of King David as a lad fighting  Goliath nude, may be a precursor and archetype of how our King David shall
march naked and unafraid with the High priestess, also naked and unafraid to Jerusalem to do the battle of words against the
AC and the False Prophet..

The most famous statue and most recognized statue is David preparing for battle with Goliath done by Michaelangelo.


 So if interesting in the power of nudity, don't just view but READ this webpage as well as

"The figure of David enabled Michelangelo to depict therefore a
beautiful nude youth, beautiful because the bible states that David
was most handsome "had beautiful eyes and was nice to look at" (yafe
enaim vetov roi) in 1 Samuel 16:12."

But more than that, David could have been nude when he went into battle with Goliath... "'2] It could be interpreted that God
spirit came on him like it descends on a prophet, in similar way to the time King Saul took off his clothes to prophesy in 1
Samuel 19:24. Meaning therefore that David was nude and god's spirit was on him in the time of the battle like a prophet.'".

Think about this brethren, being nude and in the full image of God can be more powerful literally than being clothed. The
Spirit can descend on us more. This very important if we are considering that a sexual love feast is to emPOWER us. David
went into battle nude.... why NOT. he would not wear the armour of a warrior, because it didn't fit and was not proven by
him !!! The Lord is our Protection.

And so prophetically speaking.... will not the future King David of our Encampment also be nude when traveling to war with
the Anti-Christ. Will he not also be almost effeminate in the eyes of the world because of his bisexuality just like David and
Jonathan's attachment ? Is it not a strength and not a weakness as the world thinks ?

                             SEE Donatello's depiction of David after defeating Goliath (or the AC)
                                http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Image:Davide_ %28Donatello% 29.jpg

"Donatello's statue depicts a nude, with some feminine features [2].
Having feminine body serves both as a possible explanation of
Jonathan's love for him (because he was beautiful like a woman) as
well as to show that his accomplishment in tossing the stone at
Goliath was not a result of his feminine like physic but rather of
God's will. As in Michelangelo' s David , it could be demonstrated
that the nudity of Donatello's David is a possible interpretation of
the biblical text describing the biblical hero and future king in the
time of the fight with Goliath (Follow the link to the article about
Michelangelo' s David for an explanation of David's nudity). David's
nudity at the time of the battle is contrasted with Goliath's heavy
armor, for the head, which is visible under the Hero's feet, is
covered in the most part by an iron helmet."

                                  SEE also .. http://www.glreview .com/issues/ 13.4/13.4- frontain. php

And then when you see, a modern day version of man to man HEROISM like at


 It's nude combat of the past that it describes so well from ancient cultures, can have a prophetic fulfillment in us, as we
literally fight the Anti-Christ forces.. !!!
For we shall fight and die for the Lord all the way til the END and His Second

Onward Christian Soldiers .......
David Jay Jordan's
David fought Goliath nude
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