Dark-Eyed Brethren Dream


Me and someone walked into a kitchen at a house. The person who was with me was someone I was
trying to be a good example to, but I am not sure who it was. As we both entered the kitchen we saw a
guy standing at the sink. This guy looked like he was wearing a halloween devil costume without a
mask, but it had short horns. His clothes also looked dirty. It was not someone that I wanted to get
close to. My thought was "look at this freak!" Then I felt convicted by the Holy Spirit telling me that I
needed to be a good example to the person who was with me. As I approached the guy I could tell he
was crying. He looked at me and his eyes were completely black- no pupils and no white- just totally

My thinking was that this was a case of demon possession and I was going to have to cast it out in the
name of Jesus. I put my hands on his upper arms, I looked him straight in his black eyes, and I asked,
"Do you want to be freed from this?" He shook his head up and down saying yes. I asked, "Are you
saved?" He said, "No." I led him through the prayer of salvation and he asked Jesus to save him.
Instantly his appearance was transformed from a dirty and hellish looking figure to a neat and
handsome teenage looking guy. His eyes were transformed from solid black to a normal set of bright
blue eyes and he looked relieved. End of dream.


Do not hesitate to share the gospel with people who are different and make us uncomfortable. The guy
was standing at the sink because he was trying to clean himself up, but only Jesus can do this. The guy
was in the kitchen because he needed to be fed spiritually. His eyes were solid black because he was
spiritually blind, and his eyes became normal meaning that he could finally see spiritually.

His appearance was devilish because when we are not washed by the blood of Jesus, we appear evil to
God. When the guy accepted Jesus, he became transformed into a new creation. In the dream, I was
seeing the guy as he appears to God- before being saved (evil/nasty) and after being saved (clean/new
creation). 2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)- "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old
has gone, the new has come!"

God Bless.


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