I dreamt I was on this huge ship, an ocean liner with so many levels, so many floors. It was immense and so large that it was so
easy to get lost within it. But it seemed the top floors were reserved for the upper elite class of people that were so much wealthier
than the rest of us. For as you went down to the lower levels,the  people seemer to be poorer.

I was staying on one of the middle floors. And there I met and became friends with a girl there. But she so wanted to get clean
by having a shower, and yet there were no showers on our floor. So she headed upwards and there found a sauna and shower
complex. It was so elegant, and yet lounging around were all these semi-clad men in their WHITE towels. Everything was
catered to their needs and wants. And they were very upset apparrently that my friend had invaded their area. It was supposed to
be only for them, and how dare she think she could use their showers. And they were so mean and threatening, that she ran off
with only her towel wrapped around her and in the process forgot her clothes.

She hurriedly came back downstarirs and asked me if I could please go there and get back her clothes. So I went up and up,
and it was so overwhelming. It was so immense and large, I was sure I was getting lost. And yet I found the sauna, Each
cubicle and shower was so specifically designed to cater to each of the elite, so expensive and so costly. But the men soon knew
of my presense, and in no uncertain terms, said, I didn't belong there. It was prohibited.

I left in a hurry, but still had to find my friends clothes as I said I would. I searched and search and surely got lost again until
I ran across a woman and her son. they were so helpful and concerned. She said, she knew someone that should be able to help
me and so took me to this huge market place. It was so large and yet it seemed like it was after hours as everything was closed.
We went to the edge of the market and she approached a darkened door and knocked.

A man asnswered and as she was explaining my request to him, all these soldiers poured out of the doorway and arrested me.
And without asking questions started accusing me of being a devil. The strangely the soldiers were all dressed in WHITE. I
kept thinking to myself. 'What have I done wrong'  'What is my crime'.

And then I realized I wasn't alone. Somehow I knew or sensed there was others just like me, behind me. They also were in their
civilian clothes. To my shock after all the accusations were over, the soldiers without emotion, took out their machine guns and
started shooting us all. I turned and saw all the bodies that were behind me and yet they somehow missed me.

From among the soldiers I then saw my girl friend appear, and she also had a gun. I don't know where she got it. She didn't
seem to be part of them and then raised her gun and started shooting all the soldiers that had masaquered all her people. It was
horrible, but no one shot me and I woke up.


Dreamt 10-2002

PS) If you understand how the rich rule over the poor and how the elite will be truly running the ship in the End Time and
how they will be holy and sanctimonious in exterminating the poor, then you will have the keys to interpreting this dream,
IMO. And again if you know how they will instill fear in people and make people spy and turn in their neighbors, and how
they accuse those that are individualistic, then again you will have more keys in interpreting what I believe the Lord gave Joy
in this dream.  But unlike Joy's friend, the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but spiritual.   Jay (Joy's husband)

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