The main lies in the DaVinci Code, have to be that the dark side thinks it can discredit Jesus's divinity by
suggesting He had sex with Mary Magdalene. They always wanting to remove FAITH that the Lord was and is
DIVINE. The dark side Illuminati wanting to suggest that sexuality is not something a spiritual Messiah would do,
but what a normal man would do. This because they have ingrained the Paulian philosphy into churches and into
governments that sex is fleshly and carnal rather than having the potennial to be spiritual and uniting and
empowering. The devil hates sex and hates seeing people get together in love. He much prefers keeping them apart
and separately and isolated. Divide and conquer is his motto and their motto, whereas the Lord wants all His Bride
tgoether and unified.

So when normal people figure out that the evidence suggests Jesus did have sex, the Illuminati writers try to make
the Lord into a mere man rather than the SON of God, the Messiah and Creator. They even twisting this truth of
Jesus sexuality, into his supposed proof of mortality to saying that Jesus did not rise from the dead, but rather was
taken from the cross before He died. This is of course a total blatant LIE, that strikes at the very heart of
Christianity and true believers. for without the Cross, there is no redemption of our sins through our Saviour. Yet
this is their whole modus operandi.....   to discredit Jesus from being the Risen Saviour.

And for most people when they understand the obvious, that Jesus was married to at least Mary Magdalene which is
a truth, then they are easily swayed into an untruth, that he was only a man, and then into the ultimate lie, that
Jesus did not die on the CROSS for them.  But we do not have to believe their lies, if we know the Lord personnally
and intimately like His Bride. We can know that sexuality and union can be very spiritual and empowering

But as many as RECEIVED HIM to them gave He the POWER to BECOME the sons of God, even to them that
BELIEVE on His NAME..John 1: 12

For when we accept or receive Him as our BRIDEGROOM, He comes into our hearts and souls and we become ONE,
just as in a marriage union. For it is this marriage union, that the Lord has talked about all through out all history
from the Old testament to the new testament on into the future Mellinium with HIM. SEE

There is a link between sexuality and spirituality. They are not diametrically opposed to each other, but
complimentary if we truly love Him. For He created sex, and He created our physical bodies made in His very IMage,
and so when melted together in LOVE, His LOVE it is not a sin but empowering and actually a fulfillment of the
FIRST COMMANDMENT. 'Be fruitful and multiply'. His making love to Mary Magdalene was not a sin, but merely
the first mating of the Bridegroom with His Multiple the 144,000 of the End Time and His Brides of All

Sexuality is part of Spirituality not merely a carnal fleshly lust and desire. It is the UNION of Male and Female, the
completeness of Him finding His bride and paying the Price for Her with His own Blood. How much more can he give
than what He has given.

And yet they lie about Him and misread His love in their devious books like the DaVinci Code... So brethren, ours
newsgroup in essense is absolutely anti- DiVinci Code, and could be so valuable in helping people away from the lies
of the devil and his people and his books in the End Time.

Hope you are sharing some of these truths with others...


               Article taken from
Sexy Spiritual Christians Newsgroup

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