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The following is an email question from David H. I repost it because there is a definite link between DNA, Phi, Seeds, Semen and
Sexual Empowerment. See if you get the connection by studying what's written below and researching all the hyperlinks..

> Hi Dave,
> I have a question that came to mind when I was
> reading the following from one of your
> webpages.
> From:  


Hi David H. and GOOD question....

And believe it not you have stumbled onto one of the mysteries in the connection between sex and prophecy, just as we were
discussing on the phone today. But instead of being two separate and disjointed topics they have a direct link.

PHI or the
Golden Section is the template that the Lord used in creating us, See the divisions of the Body and follow the hyperlinks
on the page WHAT is Beauty, there are about 30 of them if you followed the whole PHI ratio reasoning and mathematics. PHI is
of course also incorporated in the other spiritual temples such as Giza and
NEW JERUSALEM, why because they magnify power
and transmit.

For again transmission is the power the Lord gave us to communicate to Him and it is only possible because of this spiritual
electrical ability to send and receive messages from Him..

So you asked..

> Do you know if there is anything that has been
> detected in the human genome, in our DNA
> that has the same mathematical formula that you are
> discussing on your webpage?

YES, DNA is a racheted dodecathedron, this meaning a twelve faced surfaced geometric figure that has each face as a pentagon,
and PHI is the length of a side compared to the length of cross tangent SEE
Sexy Star of David or
http://members.aol.com/dodecahdrn/Dodecahedron.html or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodecahedron

Therefore each face is phi ratio-ed and there are twelve of them like the tribes of Israel, which is why even the EARTH's shape has
power points at each of these points of its geometry.

But back to DNA, it has two strands and is a double helix, that is a racheted dodecahedron..in other words the spiral of DNA is
caused by PHI...see graphics way down this page...
http://www.soulinvitation.com/indexdw.html Our DNA are the literal word
combinations that make up and create and instruct our physical design. The words speak and hence we follow its pattern
according to the Words or 4 letter sequences. (Just as in YHWH, four letter creative abilities and meanings)

So knowing PHI or the Golden Section relates even to DNA, as DNA relates to WORD and PHI is what makes it powerful. PHI
when you study it and get the concept or paradigm shift, and it takes a bit to figure it out, means with expansion, with every 1.618
multiplication it retains its properties or with division and compression keeps its properties then whether sending outward or
compressing inward, PHI allows messages and power to be magnified. A little seed can become a huge tree... it just takes the
Lord's design and ratio to be able to be magnified.

This is also why the literal planets and stars have some bearing on prophecy as signs. The Lord created them and hence three
star alignments like Trixie saw in her dream can be significant because of the addition of powers... the Lord's power. But just
follow the hyper-links David and you'll see it. And once you realize that we are PHI designed then, you can possibly catch why
sexual UNION can be such a POWERFUL and needed tool for us, in empowering us in the End Time. Sexual union with the Lord
is the ultimate, NOT mere recreational sex. It's enjoyable but nothing compared to union with the Bridegroom. That's the purpose
of  the Sexy Spiritual Christians newsgroup..empowerment

Good question, Bro but I think I may need more graphics to better explain it, although in words I attempted a start, but its just the
beginning.. You as mentioned you might try
http://www.soulinvitation.com/indexdw.html  And consider this PHYSICS..... but you
need not get into it too deeply, and especially delve into the way this group errantly tries to use the Lord's geometry for their own
selfish and ungodly purposes. Nevertheless many truths can be taken from the writings if you can get through their double speak
to the real PHYSICS the Lord created..

For Seeds or Semen is related to our DNA which is Phi-designed as well as our divinely created bodies so that at orgasm via
sexual union, we can be empowered by the Lord. Simply put that is the basis of sexual spirituality and our empowerment by the
Lord. But it only works if we have His real Love in our hearts.