Great Pyramid Prophecy

                                   Cydonia Altar

The Cydonia Face on Mars and its two pyramids are too symmetrical and too
perfect and correspond too much to the Lordâs Words and Designs to be by
coincidence. SEE The Graphics and Read
and For the whole Martian complex
of a sphinx-like face, a huge five sided pyramid, a complex of over 12 smaller
pyramids resembling a city,and a strange mile wide, 500 foot high seemingly
artificially mound or"tholus", complete with a peripheral ditch and central spiral groove relates directly back to the Giza complex
of pyramids here on Earth. And as we found out, the Great Pyramid was not designed by mere mortals but was designed by
Enoch, who had come from the very presence of the LORD. (SEE
Enoch designed the Great Pyramid). So the concept of angelic
beings, on Mars, is not foreign to Bible History. And them having biblical monuments and even a mound for an altar of sacrifice to
their Lord and Master (Jesus), is very conceiveable and understandable. Why, because before the rebellion of Satan and his angels,
they were giving thanks to the Lord and honoured them in their city of angels.

But in case you have a hard time believing this, let's first establish the biblical parallels for such a Mound in Cydonia. For to start
with, notice that the Majestic Mound is directly EAST of the city structures on Cydonia. This corresponding exactly with the
Lord's Temple Designs (SEE
Lord's Architecture) even as in Jerusalem and its Temple. And in scriptures Joshua, was even told to
build a grand earthen 'mound' as a witness and a declaration for future generaions. SEE  Joshua 22:10. And this altar was designed
after the specifications commanded by God in Exodus 20: 24 ..... You shall make an altar of earth for Me, and you shall sacrifice
your burnt offerings and your peace offerings on it, your sheep and your cattle. In every place in which I cause My name to be
remembered, I will come to you and bless you.

The martian mound, the altar of Mars soil, is built on a planet that is both a "place of descent" of pre- rebellion Cherubim,the
builders of Cydonia who were at the time giving glory to God and across from the planets which were"vanquished" after their
rebellion the exploded planet Rahab among them. The builders constructed the martian altar as a witness precisely because they
beheld a son who would distribute fortune and the forgetfulness of sin -- the Messiah. The martian mound has another peculiar
characteristic -- a trench encompasses the perimeter. Once again, there is a scriptural correspondence to a feature built at Cydonia.
Elijah built an altar to God during his challenge to the priests of Baal: I Kings 18: 32 And (Elijah) made a trench around the altar
Elijah instructed the Israelites to pour four jars of water over the sacrifice three times. The water covered the sacrifice and spilled
down off of the altar into the trench around it. When Elijah called to God, fire came down from heaven and burnt up the offering,
the altar and all the water which was in the trench (I Kings 18: 38).

So it is not coincidence that the Cydonia Altar Mound has a trench around it,
for it corresponds to biblical principles, just as Sidbury Hill Mound of Sacrifice
also has a trench encircling it.  SEE Photo to the Right ---------------------------

And when you check out the photo's, do note that there is a spiral pathway
up to the flattenned ALTAR at CYDONIA and Sidbury Hill, as just as in the
Holiest of All Temple Mounds, the Temple at Jerusalem, there has to be a level
area where sacrifice to the true Lord of Lords can take place. In Jerusalem, there was
the Altar of Sacrifice

And where does the entranceway of the Great Pyramid, the Temple of the Lord, start... on the North Face just as on Cydonia.
Coincidence NO !! And just as the Christos Angler must be followed in climbing to the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid, so a
Christos Angle must be climbed externally to get to the Altar level of the Cydonia mound. One complete clockwise, ascent bringing
a worshipper to the Altar of Sacrifice level. Wiith that in mind, how much of a slope would it be at, well if the ascending slope
internally of Giza is 26.3 degrees, and the geographic slope to Bethlehem is also 26.3 degrees exactly, it makes logical sense that the
external slope upwards to the capstone height of 55/56ths of the total height should be 26.3 degrees. Not too steep, not to flatly
inclined. And amazingly at that slope if a walker, or searcher, or worshipper was to ascend to the top, moving clockwise, or sun
wise with correct correspondences to the Sun and Son’s movement, then it would take just one complete cycle or revolution to
reach the top. The walker having went upwards on all four sides of the phi portioned faces, with each face projecting to the three
dimensional stars of the Universe. Do the math yourself and see this for yourselves. Coincidence, again I think not. The Christos
Angle or slope is very important in His Service and is even evident on MARS.

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