David Jay Jordan

                                  Cursing, Judgment and Magic

If Christians didn't know it, it is our right to curse people in the name of Jesus, if there is no other recourse.. This has always been
the defense of God's people and was suppose to be taken very seriously and not used frivolously under penalty of even death. The
Lord's name because of its absolute power was not to be used in vain, but appropriately and according to the will of God. Baalim
couldn't curse the Lord's people because it was against the will of God, but he could curse others for their disobedience etc.

The Lord's people are not to take vengeance upon them but turn over judgment to the Lord. We are Not to depend on the
arm of
the flesh, or the unfair court rooms of this world or take vengance upon ourselves in our own power. We are to ask the Lord 'For
vengance is mine' saith the Lord' The LORD is always the best judge, for no one whether in church or out of church gets away with
anything. None of us get away with anything, for eventually we all
reap what we sow, and sometimes  the reaping can come
instantly if the actions are too perverse and too destructive. For the Lord judges not only His people, but All people and is
severely harch sometimes on those that mock Him and His servants.

Trixie and I have seen the curses and judgments  of God fall almost innumerable times on our enemies even if we didn't put it into
words because of the horrible oppression of the oppressors when they think the Lord is watching their evil deeds.

So praying and cursing is a way to retain your righteous indignation without getting bitter or violent or frustrated, just pray your
prayer as King David and the other prophets did and stand back and watch the Lord fight. The Lord is not dead and HE hears your
prayer and is more than willing to judge them if the crime is serious enough and if they have been given room to repent. The Lord
not us judges. If we are merely angry without a cause, no matter how many curses or what degree of agony goes into your curse in
the name of Jesus, it won't work because the Lord allows the curse or fulfills the curse according to their heart as well as our own.
This is a
Law of God. he sees everyones heart, for nothing is hidden to Him

This is one of the concepts of Magic, except they in most cases don't know the Lord, and use so-called White Magic to pray for
good things to happen and Black Magic to pray against people. Yet in the Spirit real world, we can both pray for blessings and
pray curses if we have faith, if we personally know the Lord. We are forbidden to ask His underling spirits,  whether good or bad
for results but only to HIM before His Throne. This knowing full well, that if we are doing such vinficatively the curse shall fall on
us rather than them. So we better be awfully sure of their sin and its horrible effects that need to be stopped before approavhing
Him, because it is a fearful thing to go before Himwith a false accusation. But if sure of the hurt such perfidity is causing then in
Love, we can approach Him according to His Concern for His little ones.

So you might consider studying the word of God, for these truths if you want the power of God. For it is not coincident that He is
called our Defender, our Fortress, our
Salvation, our Redeemer, Our Deliver, because He curses and destroys the evil ones that
would hurt His little Ones. So if you are preparing for the
Tribulation, you better get in tune with His judgments and not be so
fearful of God's curses unless you are opposed to Him and out of His Will

Of course, there are reams of other things I could pass onto you for your empowerment but you or most of you probably wouldn't
receive it, especially if you are aligned to the system, your own self esteem, churchy churches, etc. I'll leave it at that for now, so
why not read your Bibles, and read about the curses of God's prophets, upon the wicked. If you are in tune, or even if you are
merely oppressed by evil people or evil spirits, CURSE them in Jesus Name. Believe me or the Bible, His Name works and they
get punished

In His Service


PS) To understand the preceeding, just remember that even though the word cursing has a negative connotation because the dark
side does it, it really only means the asking of the Lord for intercession and the stopping of hostilities which He is more than
willing to do, if your discernment has been correct.
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