David Jay Jordan's

      Crop Circles & Flying Physical Demons

My wife, Joy told me about her experiences when  she was only nine years old in the Philippines, and I thought how similar it
was to the  CROP CIRCLE MYSTERY that is especially prevalent in Britain now. With time, they have become more and more
complex and intricate in design.with their patterns etched into the crops of the agricultural countryside of England. Many of te
earlier simple shapes that have been proven to be fraudulently made by the local tricksters. But nothing can explain away the
extremely intricate and precise geometric patterns that have appeared lately, as it has become increasingly obvious that mere
mortals could never have put such precisely perfect patterns into the crops, let alone OVERNIGHT. Because to accomplish such
feats and accuracy it would take an optical perspective above ground level.to perfect them. Therefore it would be absolutely
impossible for normal humans even using giant compasses, helicopters or surveying instruments to be so exact. So who made these
impossible to explain images on the countryside is the question?

Well for a start, click HERE and see a
Video of ORBS apparrently hoovering over them and creating them in the fields.And what
are ORBS, spiritual vechicles of spiritual entities.

So what and who are making many of these crop circles....  You guessed it...spirit beings. But can spirit beings effect the physical
world as in Patrick Swatze's "Ghost"?, the answer is YES. Why because there is a link between the physical and the spiritual, and
angels and demons or fallen angels can have literal effects on out minute 1/70th of the electromagnetic spectrum. Yet we should
know by now that there is a link between science and religion, or to be more precise between true science and true religion and
spirituality. But then this morning more confirmation came from Joy's testimony from the past.. She's told this story to me many
times before because it so effected her back then up till now. But I had never written it down till now


She was about nine years old, sleeping inside a napa hut of bamboo and thatched grass with her brother and sister in law, who was
pregnant with their first baby (boy). Around eight o'clock she was awoken by the sound of a bird flying over head except it was
the same high pitched .... gnaw, gnaw, gnaw that all the locals knew to be 'witches' flying over head. So Joy started praying for
their safety, thinking the bird 'witch' would just to continue flying past them. But this time, instead of continuing on, it stopped
near their kobo (or nappa hut house) and she could hear the sounds of other birds joining in the evil chorus of screeching. She kept
praying, but soon they took flight and came over to their kobo full force in mass.

They scratched on the outer walls of the house, they tried battering the flimsy door down but were unable to open it. They
howled in all sorts of demonic voices as if different animals from horses to dogs to whatever foul spirit they could shape-shift into.
Joy prayed and prayed, even attempting to wake her brother and sister-in law. But they would not be woken up as if in a deep,
deep coma. She was all-alone, yet knew she had to keep up the physical fight to stay alive and to keep the unborn baby alive in
the womb of her sister-in-law. For this was the reason why they had come as Joy knew from hearing true stories from her very
spiritually in-tune mother. Besides the demons of hell were now mad as hell against Joy for protecting the unborn baby boy,
because they in their demented minds thought the child was theirs.

The more Joy fought them in the spirit with prayer, the madder they got because they just couldn't break down the invisible
barrier between them and those inside. She never felt any wind coming through even though the whole nappa hut was built to
allow air to flow through, and she was amazingly protected from beneath as again it was just slatted bamboo strips with at least
half inch gaps between the flooring. Yet the demons could not break into the house that a normal person could have broken into
with a fist through the walls or a kick of the all to fragile door. Yet she remained safe from all hell that was breaking loose outside.
It went on and on all night, until just before the dawn's light a huge bird or witch, starting attempting to break through the thatched
roof. Joy could hear the beating wings, yet the kobo stayed together. When unsuccessful in ripping through the roof, it again when
for a final assault on the front door and only door. It beat and frailed and batterred it but could not break into the kobo. Joy prayed
for her life and amazingly says she was praying in English. It had to be over as soon as the dawn's first light came over the horizon.
And it was, for this was their last final effort in trying to destroy both Joy and the soon to be born baby and they retreated in
disgust and whimpered away into the still night.

Joy was exhausted but still alive, and remained inside until an hour or so later when her aunt and uncle came over to see if they had
survived. They were neighbors not far away and had heard the commotion all night as well, yet knew they couldn't come over to
try and help until the morning's light had come. And to say the least, they were amazed to see that they all had survived.  Upon
going outside the hut, with the dawn in almost full light, they all could then see the aftermath and proof of what had happened that
'evil' night. For there imprinted in an exact circle around the house was the pathways of animals, both hoofed and bird like. At the
doorway steeping stones, the imprints of the tips of wings could be seen in the mud because the previous day's rain had made it
wet. And all around the outside of the kobo, thatched fragments of the roofing could be seen, and all were thankful to be alive
having lived through a night of terror from real spiritual entities that had tried to kill them all.

Was it a figment of Joy’s imaginations. Absolutely NOT, was it made-up. NO Joy's aunt and uncle heard the same sounds and
knew exactly what it was. And the physical evidence on the ground was further definitive proof of what had happened the night
before. Why, because spiritual entities do have bodies and can fly and can shape-shift..(See Davidicke.com). whether they be fallen
angels, demons, or even possessed people. For there are 'evil witches' and they do have power. But we that know the LORD have
the greater power if we fight the good fight of faith in the SPIRIT. Our power is much greater than theirs and it makes them
madder than hell that we would protect the Lord's young.

It all fits together perfectly with other spiritual truths about our circle of protection that physic-ally through the Lord's physics
surrounds us. And even though not many 1st world brethren would have many experiences along these lines, many of our more
spiritual 3rd World brethren would have experienced these things and have survived these attacks through the power of simple
prayer and true faith. Some crop circles are real and made by spiritual entities or witches. And all these truths of the SPIRIT
WORLD of the Lord could be learned and employed for our safe-keeping now and in the future From Joy's true life experience,
and some of my own, scriptures and truths, Jay writing in this case for Joy with her permission

Love and Protection in
Jesus   .....     Joy written up by Jay

PS : Because I read about a further conformation concerning Joy's 'Flying Demon testimony allow me to post this confirmation for
only the mature, as it concerns our real enemy, Satain and his hordes and demons. And even though we need NOT fear them if we
are connected to the Lord and have real faith, still if we have knowledge of their structure and organization before hand. They can
not make us fear them for we will only Fear the Lord, and be afraid of getting out of His Will. Anyway, Joy was attacked in a
Philippine hut by a huge winged screeching howling feathered demon, and this is now confirmed by

The 'Greys' [the short, 'Big Heads'] are mercenaries. They inter-face with humans in 'Secret Societies' and the [fascist]
Military/Governmental Complex. An interconnected 'WEB' manipulates the surface Earth cultures... The 7'-8' tall Reptoid/Drac
have been seen giving directions to the 'Greys'. The 'Reptoids' get their orders from the Elite WINGED DRACO. (Note: the actual
chain of command seems to begin with the rebel angels or 'poltergeists' which utilize bio-synthetic constructed physical 'forms' to
operate in the physical dimension -- these 'bodies' have been recovered from crashed discs and seem to consist of a 'sponge-like'
substance throughout; followed by the paraphysical 'Mantis-Insectoid' type beings and the 'WINGED' and 'White'Dracos Need I
say more, the Spirit world although freaky is real and we need a power beyond our own to counter such demons. Our only real
alternative is the Lord and His All powerfull Word. In my opinion Jay
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