David Jay Jordan's

      Creation in 24 Hours Days

(Taken from a letter to Dave on a Bulletin Board))

I'm a little baffled, Dave that after you presented a mathematical case in favor of 24-hour periods of creation, you
falter by stating you are firmly entrenched into ‘theistic evolution’. Of course everyone is entitled to their
belief or non-belief, and even some sort of compromise if they prefer. But because you have brought up and explained
your 24 hour time period concept so well, let’s further expand on it as it absolutely contradicts the millions and
billions of years that are apparently needed by a weak, unsure of Himself and His direction, type God.

This weak God of most churches and religionists that apparently uses a sort of hit and miss, random chance and lucky
mutation method in perfectly balancing His worlds within worlds systems is however an illusion of their minds, rather
than the true Creator.

So Yes, according to Moses, who spend 40 days and 40 nights in face to face talks with the LORD of Creation, on the
3rd day Our common Creator made plant life (Gen 1:9-13) But if ‘theistic evolution is true, and it took ages for the
4th day to roll around, then obviously all the plant life wold be dead without the photosynthesis of the Sun’s rays
which were created on the 4th Day. This is just a further contradiction for those that try to mesh evolution into the
Genesis account. It just doesn’t work and confuses the simple truths involved. The Genesis account gives a very
specific schedule of events in exact chronological order. Therefore once you start rearranging days, and times and its
order, you would definitely be negating it into fantasy and non-fiction which is quite a scientific slap in the face to
both Moses and the Creator, IMO.

But this time, let’s take this Genesis account as literal and precise as is all scripture unless it states otherwise.
Let’s assume that 24 hours means 24 hours, and that it is a sacred measure of time, just as the Lord has sacred
measures of distance like the cubit and the furlong. Because of this, the Lord of Creation could confirm this time
period on Day 4, by rotating the Earth and revolving it around the Sun, with a speed of 24 hours per rotation around its

For before this time, there was no Sun to rule the day and no Moon to rule the night, for the LORD himself was the
light as will be the case again in His Heavenly, New Jerusalem, where He will enlighten the Bride and the whole
world and worlds from within His City or Home. (See New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid).Plant life can obviously
live with His light shown upon them but they absolutely could not have lived billions of years waiting for the Sun to
start shining. So it was obviously a 24 hour period. For after anything is brought into material being it is in the
dimension of time and effected by the 3rd law of thermodynamics and the direction of time.

Therefore once the Lord started his creative process time started. From Day 1, when the Lord created light at light
speed, the direction of time has been set and the barrier into the spiritual world has been made. Above the speed of
light, there is no time as we are into eternity as mentioned in Revelations and below the speed of light, we are bound
by the disorganization and eventual death of all systems. This is called the 3rd LAW of thermodynamics, which is
another absolute proof against Evolution. Because as the law says, everything goes to a state of less organization if left
alone. Consequently without the Hand of God, random chance and freak mutations absolutely could not have created
the balance, symmetry and beauty of what we call LIFE.

Yet, we of course, know this as birth, growth, aging, and death in the material plane. It is the cycle of time that only
rebirth into the spiritual can overcome. Entropy or the going to a lesser state of organization is the direction of time as
everything heads toward chaos materially even as we will head toward the Lord's consummation as man has been
given the opportunity to rule himself without the guidance of the LORD.

When the Lord of Creation in the Eternal World started His Creation, He literally had to slow things down, spiral
them into being (SEE Golden Mean Spiral) with a speed less than His all-knowing all present, all powerful speed. And
from that beginning the creation of light (at light speed) the flow of time and the direction of time had begun, until
there will be time no more after the Millenium. For this material world was meant to decay even though he set up
perfect barriers and laws to keep things going to suit His purpose and His - Story.

One of these limits is the speed of light, that less than intelligent Christian scientists like Lambert Dolphin have
proposed is losing its absolute value. As a compromising theistic evolutionists, he has proposed that its speed has been
losing velocity over billions of years so that light is no longer the light of the past. (See templemount.com). I mean, he
even studied the Giza pyramid for the Illuminati it appears and didn't understand the 'golden section ' or anything of
the geometry when he was trying to uncover Isis tomb. But such is the strange, contradicting and shallow world of
those that compromise the Lord's standards. For the speed of light, like gravity, like the nuclear forces, like the Lord's
laws haven't been changing with time, but have remained constant like His Word and dependable like His Word. The
speed of light is still the barrier between the spiritual and physical worlds, and even though some have been
accelerated through the tunnel into the other world to tell us about it, most of us will just have to accept it as a
scientific fact.

This co-existent spirit world as proven by Einstein really does exist as the Bible states, and there is a time space
continuum, that is being broken by the mad scientists with their mad experiments on the 'Philadelphia' and their time
warps as done at 'Montauk.', but we don't have to be afraid because if we have the Lord, nothing can separate us from
Him and our eventual destiny and home. The Lord has never lost one of his sheep and prophecy time line has an END
to it. There is a specific number of days foretold concerning the last seven years. It is exact, we also only have
Days to go through the Tribulation even though the Anti-Christ will again be trying to change times and laws. We, the
Lord's sheep, will not get lost in time, but will follow Him with the time we have remaining.…

In His Service     ....

David Jay Jordan