David Jay Jordan's

                             Imploding Light

Normal light emanates from a surce and does so in a continous speed of light stream, and yet we saw the
following phenomena, which surely has do with the spiritual world

It was August of 1999, it was hot and we were just about to go to sleep for the night. Our 18 year-old daughter
had stepped outside on the porch, and came back in excitedly telling us to come outside and see the lights. Joy
and I followed her into the backyard where we got away from the glare in the front. And there they were pulses
of light not radiating outward from a source, but collapsing inwards towards a central focal point almost directly
over us.

The LIGHT was gathering itself from larger circles into smaller ones as it pulsated in circles before the next one
started its flow inwards. It was awesome to say the least. We spread out a ground cloth and we all laid down
facing up-wards for the Lord's Light show. We watched with amazement what was right before our eyes. We â
€˜oohhhed’ and ‘aahhhed’ with each successive round of pulsating light. So fascinating yet without
any sounds, just the silent beautiful gathering of light into a focal point. And it wasn’t Northern Lights that
shoot upwards from the horizon. It was much brighter than the Northern Lights that we can sometimes see here
and definitely much, much different from them. This was WAVES of light flowing inward rather than outward. It
wasn't a stream of straight lights as in a shooting star or meteorite but circular waves of bright light gathering
themselves far above the Earth's surface. Light moving
inwards !!!!

We watched for over an hour, in total awe. But they still hadn't subsided before we had to retire for the night.
What a light show, but it wasn't just for show, it had to be for a reason. Something was happening, but what?

And we still don’t know, but we do know what we all saw. But I do know that these lights didn't give off
negative feelings to any of us. But they weren't straight lines as in ley lines, and upon which many sacred
structures are aligned, but this was circular waves focusing in on one place. So what does it mean? Well of course,
even the word focus means a concentrating of energies which is exactly what was happening. And this type of
focusing is exactly what we are expected to do if we pray with real heart and feeling to the Lord. His light
focuses in on us and empowers us. So it’s interesting that light which is suppose to be weightless, can
gravitate into a central point. But then again the Lord is the Source of all Light and can gather Light at His Will,
everything can gravitate back to its Maker if its His Will.

And light or visible light is only 1/70th of all the electromagnetic spectrum, and that's all. So maybe this kind of
electromagnetic display is always going on in the Lord's other 69/70th realms, but we only saw it this time when
it entered our realm.

So what were these lights...simple they were the Lord's and it was under His control and allowed by Him
because nothing is beyond His Control and All things exist with and only by His permission. It was the
Gathering of Light, and come to think of it, won’t the Lord be gathering His little lights from around the
world into one central place in the End-Time (SEE
Last Gathering Post)

And because we are going to be heading to the wilderness and the wide-open spaces of the Lord's country, we
will be looking up as our redemption draws near. And we will be seeing His cloud by day, and His Pillar of Fire
by night...so maybe even this is a clue as to what we saw...as a precursor to our End-Time Gathering. Particles of
Light gathering in the Night in
the Last Days. It's scriptural and its prophecy.....so maybe, we'll see

Love in Jesus and the True Light

Jay and Joy
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