David Jay Jordan's             

            Churchy Misinterpretation of the word “FLESHâ€�

Allow me to correct the churchy comments below concerning how sin supposedly inhabits our flesh, when sin actually
infects our hearts. For as Jesus said, "out of the heart proceed wicked thoughts, deceit, lies, etc. etc.,.. So what goes into our
mouths or into our flesh isn’t the root cause of sin, for no where does the Lord say that the divine bodies He gave us are
evil and deceitful and misformed and vile and dirty.

There was only two curses applied to our bodies after the Fall. One was the pain in childbirth and the other the curse of
working for the system to sweat out a living in the world. No where in Genesis, in the words directly spoken to Moses did
the great “ I am� (JESUS) ever say that He created us with evil, dirty bodies, and that sex was a sin to be avoided. On
the contrary after the Initial Creation the first commandment of the Lord was 'to be fruitful and multiply' which without being
discreet meant 'have sex and reproduce'. Similarly after the Great Flood again the Lord told the sons of Noah and their wives
to again have sex and multiply, to refill up the world with the Lord's divinely created images, called the human body.  So over
and over again scripturally, our bodies were never deemed evil.

So the whole problem seems to stem from the misunderstanding of the word FLESH. For it does say in the scriptures that
our bodies without the spirit, are dead (James ). This meaning, us without the Lord’s spirit, without having obtained a
new heart, is dead and almost worthless. Why, because we have to accept the Lord's love and gain His Heart and Spirit before
our divinely created body can be of use to Him?

Anyway this misinterpretation of the word FLESH has surely mislead so many sincere Christians who get mixed up in the
mixed up church system. So when church people use the word  'flesh' with the wrong interpretation in the wrong context itâ
€™s no wonder they come out with the wrong conclusion and wrong self-righteous lifestyle. But that's again obvious to any
that are normal and natural and spiritual.

In my opinion according to scriptures

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