David Jay Jordan's

             Church Blindness to New Scriptures

Because some church Christians have become so blinded and so deluded by one
or two verses into not reading other scriptures, it's beneficial for any true seekers of
the Lord's truths to understand their basic misunderstandings or outright delusions.
Firstly you might hear them quote verses from the epistles, that were mere
suggestions  and directives from these apostles to a new fledgling group of believers.
Epistles were for babes)

So then in trying to defend their pet doctrines of shallowness, these church people will almost always use 11
Timothy 3:16 as a supposed verification if they can find any one fragmented verse in the Bible to back up the
church doctrine insanity. So when Timothy wrote "All scripture", Timothy wasn't saying that the Lord was going
to stop talking after he finished writing his letter, otherwise the Book of Revelations would have been thrown out of
the composition of today's Bible. So He wasn't saying there was a time limit on the Lord prophesying against the
End-Time Anti-Christ regime. Logically then that means that Daniel's direct prophecies from the Lord stating that
in the Lord would reveal his writings for those of the End-Time generation, literally means more scriptures and more
prophecies would be coming in the End-time.

I mean any normal rational person can understand this except church people who want to say that all prophecies
have been fulfilled and we are no longer in need of the Old Testament and Revelations and Jesus's prophetic words,
and that they are now awaiting their self-righteous Rapture by the Lord so they won't have to sacrifice for the Lord
and others in the future. This is why they don't want to read the Word of God and why their false teachers and
pastors tell them the same thing because they also don't know prophecy because they don't know the Lord, let
alone His Word.

But why do they avoid prophecy, when the Lord through John said that the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of
Prophecy. The obvious reason being that they love this present world, its system and it's worldliness. They are
part of it, and preach godliness is gain and materialism and competition.........and they even love to compete in
trying to be more holy than their fellow 'pew' mates. Jesus was absolutely clear about the world and the love of the
world, yet they attempt to hang onto their worldly lives and just hate to think about the destruction of their sacred
worldly systems.

Anyway, these shallow-thinking churchies, also known as ‘churchons’ will then probably try to defend their
pet doctrines and non search of other scriptures by saying that it says " don't add to the book of Revelations'. Again
totally incorrect as that is NOT what the angel of the Lord told John but rather " If any man (or church woman)
shall add (or change) unto him the plagues that are written in these things (the Book of Revelations). God shall add
unto him the plagues that are written in this Book (again the Book of Revelations). And if any man ( or worldly
woman) shall take away from the words of the book of this prophecy (of Revelations) God shall take away his part
out of the book of Life and out of the city (New Jerusalem) and from the things which are written in this book (of

So did you get his meaning and the warning from the Lord, not to change what is written about the fall of all man's
empires of pride and deceit. This in no way means there won't be more additional information coming from the Lord
to help those of the End-Time, otherwise it would mean that the Lord was going to stop speaking at the end of
Revelations 19 centuries ago. So the churchons are again literally interpreting themselves into stating that the Lord is
no longer going to speak This, of course, is again totally contradictory because in Amos 3:7 it says "Surely the Lord
God will do nothing except He revealeth his secrets unto His servants the prophets." And in Revelations 11, it says
we that are in the Tribulation have Two End Time prophets anointed by the Lord who will be speaking the fiery
words of the Lord. They will be prophesying...and adding unto scriptures with their very words. Scriptures will be
increasing until the Lord's final return to bring us home.

Matter of fact every time a true prophet hears from the lord, new scriptures are being added to the growing volumes
of truth needed by the Lord's people to counter the lies and deceptions of the enemy. hence, the Lord's true Bride
has to study and know the spirit of the Words, so they can get the oil of His Spirit, to be ready for the Lord when
He comes. For this is what Jesus , himself said in Mathew 25. We are not suppose to stop reading the words of the
Lord of all ages but to search out his truths and principles.

How will we tell if they are true? We need merely know the Lord's basics and have His Holy Spirit teacher to guide
us unto All truth (John 16). We have to grow in spiritual strength and faith not stagnate like 'church people'. We
have to seek and search out. And compare everything we read and hear to Isaiah 8:20. Compare scriptures and
words and if "to the law and to the testimony if they speak not according to this word (the word of prophecy of
Isaiah and all other prophets of God), it is because there is NO light in them......For which of the prophets have not
the churchons (Mathew 23) and the worldly people NOT slain. Which of the prophets did the churchons believe..

Yet to the true seekers of the heart and soul of all things, the Lord told us to "knock and the door shall be opened,
seek and ye shall find, ask and it shall be given unto you." (Revelations - John) This is the Lord's promise and there
is so much more we need to learn and understand.

In His Service

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