David Jay Jordan
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Jesus was the great teacher. Matter of fact, He was the greatest teacher, because he knew all things as the Creator and had the
love and patience and wisdom to impart it to His male and female students called disciples.

So the question becomes did Jesus only teach repetitively the same things over and over again from the gospels which only take
up about thirty minutes of reading, and that’s ALL. NO, that just doesn’t make sense. Jesus might have gone easy on
them because they might not be able to handle all the meatier subjects all at once. But ‘come on’, after three and a half
years, He surely went further with them than the mere basics that are recorded in the gospels. These were not dumb ignorant
disciples as the scribes and Pharisees thought, because after being with Jesus, these apostles and disciples of the Lord could
match wits and knowledge and history and principles with anyone. This is why they were so successful in getting out the Lordâ
€™s message of salvation and more.

They had been with the MASTER . And I say the Lord picked them because of their heart, fire, courage and intelligence, so that
they eventually got rid of almost all their doubts, and figured out almost all mysteries in time. They were taught by the Master
Teacher, so they were instructed in a whole lot more than simple salvation, but surely also the ‘Mysteries of the Kingdom of

The Mystery schools were around long before the Lord’s arrival, and yet those true mysteries of science and life and
spirituality all originated from the Lord’s Kingdom and the Heavenlies. The dark side schools knew only what they had
stolen from the Lord. (The dark side and their thieves never created anything or ever discovered any truth, because they are
thieves and robbers and mere stealers of the Lord’s truths. And with these they tried to give credence to their dark side
twisting of the truth or worship of themselves as the originators of these mysteries. But such is an absolute lie. Their leader was
a liar and always was a liar, the Father of Lies. (
SEE Mystery Schools SEE Stolen Information Genesis etc..)

Consequently when you study some of the Mystery Schools and Mysteries, do realize that some of the truths they refer to, or
the rituals they go through are based on a true RITUAL straight from the Lord’s origins. They praising themselves or their
weird ‘dark side god or, mythology whereas we in truth are supposed to be praising and worshipping the LORD…JESUS.

Therefore did the Lord teach some mystery rituals…? YES, but only ONE. It’s called Communion, or union with Him in
remembrance of what He did and thankfulness for what He did. This is the only ceremony or ritual, He asked us to perform !

Therefore if reading the Dionysian Mysteries or Eleusinian Mysteries etc… or later or earlier mysteries, do make note that no
mystery group did things for no purpose and no reason. It must have had some effect on them because they continued and
resorted to them for power of some kind. Their motivation might have been wrong and the one worshipped wrong, but with us,
if our motivations are right and the aim of our devotion to the King of Kings is right then our Communion ritual or ceremony,
would give us the mysterious power intended by our King of Kings.

For did the early Christians have secret baptisms or secret meetings or secret love feasts’ among their initiated. It seems
obvious from history that they did. Did just anyone off the street enter into their love feasts or did they know each other
intimately and have secret signs and words to guarantee their safety and their mysterious secrets ? I think you know the answer
to that one. There they persecuted and vilified and accused falsely as well as rightly. Did they think differently than the rest of
the world ? Did they get a new lifestyle based on love, so that the world hated them as their Lord told them, the world would do.
Did they give everything they had, their life, finances, careers, and even family sometimes just to follow the truth they had
found and the love they had found ?

The early Christians were not a bunch of half baked, compromising, wishy-washy, lackies of the political or religious system
but real individuals that really had been taught a new way of life based on love, by the Master of ALL Mysteries. The early
Christians were liberated from the world and the law, and yet had to live in the world, and so kept within them secrets and meet
secretly and practiced their secret feasts and agape love feasts called communions. Research it for yourself. (
SEE Christians gave

So do the study, and make thorough notes that their communion was not just symbolic bread and wine, but the true communion
of hearts and body. They being called love feasts, where unconditional love was extended to all, so that like the feasts of food
that preceded the feast of love, none would go hungry. But it was done as unto the Lord and in praise of the Lord.
Christ taught the Mysteries