Christ's commands are absolute and need to be understood and carried out.  His ultimate command is that we love each other.

Paul's and any other writer in the Bible or elsewhere words are opinions based on their personal point of view.  Although many
like Paul wanted us to believe that they hold the same authority that Christ did.

Christ is the expert and His command is that we love one another. If you, me, Paul or anyone else departs from this command we
delay and interfere with the process that we who confess and believe in Him are going through.

I love Paul, I just don't think he is Christ.  And I know he wasn't an eye witness to a resurrected Christ.  Like the rest of us he is
full of ideas and concepts about a lot of different issues.

It concerns me that Paul's words are thought to be equivelent to Christ's or the actual apostles.  I think he was the first of many
who have claimed some special revelation from Christ that only they can teach us. A relationship with Christ should force us to
examine ourselves and seek His mercy at the same time as we give His mercy and forgiveness to others. Each of us has an
individual responsibility to know and be known by Christ.

For some reason followers of Paulistic teachings are more concerned with the behavior of others than they are with their own
behavior.  Jesus command is as simple as it is impossible.  Love Him with our whole being and love our neighbor as ourselves.  
Even if our neighbor is someone we think of as an ememy, a homosexual, a liberal, an adulterer.  The obstacle to loving others is
the same obstacle it has always been, ourselves.

Jesus cured this dilemma Paul exacerbates it.

Unlike Christ, Paul's words are subject to debate.  Unfortunately Paul is not here for us to debate him.  I would like to debate
James and his views on slavery and of asking a woman to remain in an abusive relationship.  Instead of being able to debate these
men we debate amongst ourselves.

This debate has destroyed the essence of Christ's command and has made the command to love a lesser issue.  This to me is
paramount to rejection of Christ.  While the world longs for love we promote and argue about foolishness, that destroys our
relationship with Christ and others.

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Christ's Commands not Paul's Opinions
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