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                          Christian Magic

 Magic is just the spiritual means of using the
invisible spiritual world of the Lord of Lords to
cause change and actions in the visable physical
world. Prayer, Concentration, Focus, Will, Know-
ledge and Truth are our tools.

 For as Jesus said "If thou canst believe, all things
are possible to him that believeth.(Mark 9: 23) And
as many as received HIM (Jesus) to them gave He
POWER to become the sons of God, even to them that
BELIEVE on His NAME. (John 1: 12) For the people
that do know their God shall be STRONG, and do exploits
(Dan 11: 32). Blessed are they that have NOT seen, and
yet have BELIEVED' (John 20: 29)

We are Magicians
We shall be called 'devils'
Magic Power of cursing
Prayers and Rituals in Steps
Ceremonies Why, When and with Whom
As above so below
Communion and Holy Grail
Fear of God
Dreams and Visions
Lord's Prophecy Timelines
Giza Pyramid Timeline
Holy Grail
Ark and Tabernacle
Tree of Life
Power of Hair

Aliens and Demons
Astronomy and Messianic Truths
Alignment and Lasers and Power
Crystal and 3 Star Alignment
Ley Line Earth Power
The Earth shall help us
Magic Square of the Sun
Magic Ratio's

Shape Shifting
Faith Healing
Healing Pentagram

Cursing Judgment and Magic
Visualization of Magic
Crystals Geometry
Crystal Throne
Crystal Skull
Spiral Pathway to Altar
Steps to the Throne - Frequencies
F # Stone Levitation
F #  Key to Kings Chamber
Standing Stones and Well of Healing
Walking on water
Moving Mountains
Levitation and Magic Squares
Time Travel
Teleporting Secret
Invisability and Light
Travel at the 'Speed of Thought'
          HUMAN TEMPLE   
Our Bodies are the Temple
Architecture and Sacred Sex
Phi and our Sacred Bodies
Sacred Circle of Power
Light Speed at Bliss
Flesh Spirit Connection - 33 Hertz
Rituals in Steps
As above So below Principle
Casting a Sacred Circle
Banishing Evil Spirits
Pentagram of Life
Hexagram of Star of David
Heart Voice Link
Hand Signs
Using the Lord's NAME
Feed in Wilderness
Water in the Wilderness
Hills shall clap their hands
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