David Jay Jordan's              

                                   Christian Fish Symbol and Sacred Geometry

After Jesus' death, the early Christians  were persecuted heavily and had to have security measures when meeting
strangers and a means of recognition. So it is said, that one of them would draw in the ground an arc, and if the other was
also a Christian they would know to enclose it by drawing another arc,  making the sign of a fish.
But the question is "Why a fish?". Well simply answered, the Fish was symbolic of Jesus and their faith in Him as the Son
of God.  For in Greek the word for fish is ICHTHUS, which is spelled: Iota Chi Theta Upsilon Sigma. It's an acrostic word,
meaning a word formed by adding the first letter of successive words together. For in this case ICHTHUS was an acrostic
for "Jesus Christ, of God, the Son, the Savior" -- Iesous (Jesus) CHristos (Christ) THeou (of God) Uiou (the Son) Soter
(the Savior).

And these early Christians were knowledgeable about the meanings of words and even the numbers of the divine
alphanumeric languages of Greek and Hebrew called gematria. And it is for this reason that Jesus was referred to
numerically as 3168. (SEE  
Jesus, Squared Circle & 3168). So many of them knew much more than we do even today, And
so  with thier Christian Fish Symbol, it does showthat they knew the basics of 'sacred geometry'. What is sacred geometry?
Well simply speaking again, it is merely a graphic way of understanding how the Lord created all things from Him. He
created the numbers and shapes and design of Creation.

So let's look at the fish symbol and the arcs in the ground. Below you will see ARC 1 which is a part of a whole circle
colored yellow, and then under it another ARC 2,  with its circle. Together they enclose a fish shape which for clarity sake,
I colored red. This area in sacred geometry is called the Vesica Pisces. And as you might know PISCES means 'fish'. It is
from here that geometrically all shapes come from. This paralleling the physical sexual world of multiplication or mating
and birth, as it is in the shape of the female genatialia. Which should come as no big surprisze as the Lord created us male
and female
In His Image. And He created sex, so we could obey his first commandment which is to be fruitful and
MULTIPLY....spiritually and physically.

And so the Vesica Pisces is the area from which all things are born, (SEE
Sex and Music).  In other words, according to
sacred geometry,  the One Circle mated with the Other One  creates the Vesica Pisces and from it or 'her' comes all the
shapes and design patterns of the Lord. Why, because the Lord created all geometric shapes and did it in succession from
One to MANY...  or as we know 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 onward... Right ?  And believe it or not, it is this principle of addition of new
circles or new individuals which creates new diameters of new circles. And with each successive circle, with that diameter
comes a specific vibration or hertz. And they automatically are in tune with the original circle and circles. The circles and
their diameters are harmonic one to another and these notes when played together harmonize and can make beautiful
music. (SEE
Music and Scared Geometry)

For after One which is the Source, which is the Creator, sometimes called the Father, comes TWO, the Mother, who's
called the Holy Spirit (SEE
Feminine Holy Spirit). And they have a SON who is THREE and this is the Lord's equilateral
TRIANGLE or Trinity. Father, Son and Holy Ghost and these three are ONE and are equal and yet they are invisable.
Because at FOUR, comes volume and space and matter with the formation of the SQUARE. With the birth of FIVE comes
the PENTAGRAM, the perfect
Five pointed Star, that incorporates the Lord's template of Life called PHI. And with SIX
comes the HEXAGRAM also known as the '
Star of David'. And then SEVEN, the Lord's Number which creates His Temple,
His Virgin Bride ... called
New Jerusalem, the Crystal Pyramid that 'Connects with the Stars'.

So the Christian Fish Symbol means a lot when you study it, but all you really have to know is that the Creator loves you
and His name is Jesus, and then everything else will fall into place.

In His Service


PS) For more detailed information on Sacred Geometry.
SEE  'Designing your Own Universe' by Michael Schneider
Christian Fish Symbol
And so fish and fishing definitely does have sexual
meanings, that the normal church of today won't tell you
about, especially if they are aligned to 'holiness'.
Nevertheless fish are very fertile and able to reproduce
amazingly well in the right conditions, which is why the
Lord choose a number of fisherman as his disciples and
apostles. And which is why the Lord explained so many
things in terms of fish and fishing. For it was an integral
part of the Lord's ministry here on Earth and our
ministry in the here and now, until the Lord's creel is
full. (SEE
Fish Sex and the Bible)

For we are suppose to be fertile and be fruitful and
mulitply as Christians. We are called not to catch fish but
to be 'fishers of men', (SEE
Fishing Testimony). We are
suppose to reproduce other Christians and MULTIPLY
just as the Lord stated in Genesis and when He was here
in person.(SEE
Winning Souls is Wise)