Jesus said, 'And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.' This applies to all areas of life not just sex, but if you
are on this newsgroup to 'be set free' then for your sake and for God's sake' do the reading and studying and fill your mind and
heart with the truths about the real History of the Bible and the real History of why the Christian church became anti-sexual.

Don't just go by feelings and some nice experiences and a few verses and few interpretations of others, know the whole truth
from studying the true History. Don't be lazy, as so much of it has already been set out before you. So much has already been
written, already been researched, so that all we have to do is read it, test it, believe it, do it, live it and pass on these truths to
others for their liberation.

Let's not be shallow like the weak kneed, gutless whimpy church people which leads to shallow temporal faith, but let's have real  
faith, real hard-on faith that can pentetrate and endure and make  fruitful. Let's have balls and ovaries, and fight for these truths
by  doing our part, by using our minds before we engage our bodies. For  in this way we can put all our heart, soul, body and
MIND behind our lovemaking, and make real sparks and create real heat and passion .... the PASSION OF CHRIST FOR HIS

So do read or print out this 31 page 'Christianity and Sex' research document. And do take the time to study it, so that thse
sayings and  truths 'sink down in your ears' into your brain and heart. If you  want real freedom, then liberate your mind first
and then your body  will follow without doubts and without a split in a unified body and  spirit. For we have to unite our spirits
with our bodies so that they  are ONE. This so we aren't under the false doctrine that the flesh is  evil but that flesh and spirit
together are divine. Pleasure is not  intrinsically wrong, the Lord created sex to be beautiful and
pleasureable. So let's understand it, so we can enjoy it, without  numbing our senses with hang-ups from false Church doctrines.

Read and study

For as you do this... you should get mad as heaven against the church  perverts that changed the beauty and joy of sex into a
supposed  filthy degrading act. This probably because in their patriacrhial  society, showing a need for a woman, would debase
their pride and  would be extremely humbling for them in their position. IE. They  wrote against sex because they were against the
equality and equal status of women. So get upset, sisters, and stand up for your rights  as equals and understand where so many
of the Church fathers went wrong.

"""Many contemporaries of Saint Augustine were equally cool towards  human coitus, and therefore cold towards women in
general. Some early monastics became so anti-sex that they all but declared God an unfit  Creator, who obviously should have
invented a better way of dealing with the problem of procreation. Arnobius (d. c. A.D. 317) called  intercourse filthy and
degrading, and stated that it would be  blasphemous even to imagine that Jesus was "born of vile coitus and  came into the light
as a result of the spewing forth of senseless  semen, a product of obscene gropings"(13) (Brundage, 1987: 64).

Methodius thought sex was "unseemly," and Ambrose, a "defilement."  Saint John Chrysostom, the "golden-mouthed" orator of
the fourth century, had little golden to say about the fair sex in  general: "Among all savage beasts, none is found as harmful as

Tertullian was so repulsed by sex he publicly renounced his own  sexual relationship with his wife and taught that sexual
intercourse  drives out the Holy Spirit. Women, he declared, are "the devil's  door: through them Satan creeps into men's hearts
and minds and works  his wiles for their spiritual destruction."(14) Saint Thomas Aquinas  in the thirteenth century showed little
improvement in attitude,  saying that "Woman is defective and accidental . . . a male gone  awry . . . the result of some weakness
in the father's generative  power" (cited in Rice, 1990: 138). A teaching common during that time taught that women and the
lower half of men were created by the Devil.  (15)"""

And as you can see, all the quotes are references and listed at the  END, so you can go further and deeper into these truths,
descerning them for yourself. Will you do this, will you even read this historical review, or will  you stagnate and do nothing and
learn nothing.

For by this time you should have established a rock hard basis for  your sexual activity and should be building upon it, if you are
to  have a sexual house that can stand against the wiles of the evil  church and their insane worldly doctrines. You should already
be so  fluent in Biblical references and verses that you can pass on these  truths to those that ask you why you are so liberated.
And so more  historical references and quotes and details should make you even stronger in having the FAITH to ENTER IN.

But if all you want is a few pics, a mere chat, a little inspiration,  a once in a while roll in the hay, a little indulgence in a shady
area with another Christian or heathen, THEN go ahead and do nothing, and just  relax, sit back. Don't engage your mind or
heart, or make any effort to progress mentally or spiritually. Go ahead or should I say, Stay  Behind. For Real Christians study
to show themselves approved unto  God, They search out truths so they can live them out in the real world. for the Truth only
can make us Free, ONLY if we take the time and make the effort to find them and study the Lord's Truths.

Are you ?
Christian Church Anti-sexual History
David Jay Jordan
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