As you can see visually above and elsewhere on line the floor of the Queens Chamber denotes the
start of the Lord of Lord's life here on Earth,. It crossing the ascending timeline at 4 B.C.
Co-relation wise, the first floor is when the One and Only Christ (Jesus) was born to Mary, and
that according to various sources including the
1,000 Divisions of World History does seem to have
occurred in 4 B.C.

And from this starting point in time, Jesus progressed until the Year of His Ministry start when He
was baptized by John, 30.043 years later, which is graphically measured in stone, at 30.043
inches. For just 3.469 inches later or the length of time of the Lord's ministry of 3.469 years, the
religious zealots crucified him with the help of the Romans. This all working out exactly because of
the precise and exact Christos Slope, the angle of deflection upwards of the Ascending
Passageway. This Christos Angle not just occuring inside the Great Pyramid but outside as well,
because the Great Pyramid is at exactly 26.3 degrees to the NE from the Giza location. (SEE
Christos Angle) And with further study you will find that Bethlehem's geographic co-ordinate of
latitude is at 31.68 degrees which is also by design. Why because the ratio of 792, as a side is
measured in the Great Pyramid (792) as well as New Jerusaelm (7920000) and even the Earth
(7920 miles). A square making four times 792 which equals 3168. So confirmations of the design
of the Lord's birth and timing are written in stone and even their locations on His Created Earth.
Jesus is the Creator)

And we also should be aware of the ever repeating useage of the timeframe of three and a half.
The Lord was in the tomb for three and a half days just as His 2 End Time Prophets shall rise from
death before the A.C. This 3 1/2 being seen in the Christ Triangle as measuring 3.512 inches or
3.512 years for His Public Ministry. Why because as with other prophecies three and a half years
was the length of time Elijah stopped the rain from falling in Northern Israel. And 3 1/2 years is the
amount of time for the Great Tribulation as declared by almost all the prophets. (SEE
Daniel and
Revelation Timeline). This because 7 is the Lord's Virgin number, and half of it is 3 1/2. The Great
Pyramid being an extension of the Lord's Temple for His Bride, as its slopes are 1/7th of a full
circle 360 degrees / 7 or 51.43 degrees. This all by DESIGN.

But before finnishing, we should make note of the very significant FIRST FLOOR level of the
Queens Chamber, because nothing is by chance inside the Great Pyramid. For thisd floor appears
to be at the 14 inch or 14 year level AFTER the Crucifixion. And so this added 14 years seems to
be why, the Lord's Prophetic Timeline to the Kings Chamber to the Gathering of All His Virgin
Bride, takes an additional 14 years more AFTER the 6,000 Years of Enoch. (SEE Additional 14
years for more details) and brings His prophetic 2nd Coming to 4004 A.D. plus 6,000 plus 14
years to 2011/2012.

Whatever, let's work for the Lord as if He was coming back tomorrow, and obey His law, by
loving others and finding His sheep.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan

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       3   --  Christ Triangle

To the right is the well established and recognized
'Christ Triangle' which is located on the Ascending
Passageway of the Great Pyramid just before the
Grand Gallery. ____________________________________________________

It starts with the birth of the Messiah, and ends
with His Crucifixion which is the start of the
Grand Gallery in symbolizm of his Victory over
death and sin.