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                                  Chess and the Knight's Tour

  The origin of chess is rather mysterious as .....""The chequered pattern of 64 squares is an old one. Clearly, it represents the deep philosophical and spiritual
concept of the eternal struggle between and coexistence of the forces of lights and dark, good and evil, The pattern was used in ancient Greece to denote the
fabled labyrinth of the Minotaur, and seem to have been interchangeable with the more familiar circular labyrinth shape. H. Peter Aleff writes that,
checkerboards .. decorate the entrances to labyrinths in many ancient Greek vase paintings. This same author believes that the ground plan of Solomon Temple
was based upon an 8 x 8 checkerboard,.""  (From http://www.dragonkeypress.com/articles/article_2004_10_23_5313.html ).

   But as can be found out Solomon's Temple design was given directly by the
Lord himself to King David, and paralleled his basic design of the Tabernacle,
which of course included a rectangular cube, the Holy Place as well as the perfect cube, the Holy of Holies. (10 cubits x 10 cubits x 10 cubits) This perfect cube
being important to the Masons who took the secrets of the Templars, and considered this 4x4x4 CUBE as the Philosophers Stone, or Grail Stone.
Consequently in the writings about where the Templars id their secrets and 'GRAIL', they mention 64 scattered stones which have to be rearranged to find
their treasure.

   "Another system of universal elements that can be adapted to the chessboard is that of Cabalism. In this system, the universe is organized into a
Tree of Life
with ten sephiroth, or worlds  and 22 paths between them, corresponding to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, each representing an aspect or stage of
existence. But there is also another tree, that of the Qlippoth, or Shells, which is a mirror-image of the Tree of Life and descends below the surface of the Earth,
as it were, to form the dark side of the Tree, or the Tree of Death The Shells are thought to have been dispersed amongst existence at the time of the Fall of
Adam in the Garden of Eden, and now intermingle with the living world, so that each of the 32 aspects of existence on the Tree of Life has its own shadow
counterpart. What better way to lay out these symbols then to have a mosaic of 64 alternating black and white squares?""  ( From http://www.dragonkeypress.
com/articles/article_2004_10_23_5313.html )

And interestingly enough, just as the Templars had a spiral Apprentice Pillar, which obviously had roots back to the lineage of the royal blood they were
supposedly trying to protect, then this spiral would have represented the genetic line, or the double helix spiral of DNA and RNA. And lo and behold its
coding is dependant on the combination of three nucleotides so that there are 64 possibilities (4x4x4).

""Genetic code. Each amino acid building block of a protein is specified by the order of nucleotides (A,C,T and G) in the gene for that protein. Three adjacent
nucleotides, called a codon, are required to specify one amino acid. The genetic code can be displayed in a table that translates each of the 64 possible triplet
codons into an amino acid. There are 64 possible combinations resulting from having one of four nucleotides in each of three possible positions in the codon (4
X 4 X 4 = 64)"". (From  http://www.cgm.northwestern.edu/glossary.htm )

""Four arches radiate from the Master Mason pillar and four more from the Apprentice Pillar, each with 64 cubes, perhaps alluding to the 64 genetic
chromosomes. Along with the DNA spiral symbolism on the Apprentice Pillar , this theme is mirrored ˜coincidentally in Rosslyns nearby genetic farm, where
the worlds first cloned sheep and chickens were created! Is all this an uncanny allusion to genetics of a grail bloodline or the alchemical secrets of life contained
in the blood and guarded by the Knights Templar, Guardians of Magdalenes legacy ?"" (From http://www.aniwilliams.com/magdalene.htm )

So who will find the Grail, the legacy of
Mary Magdalene ? Yes, a child of the Lord of Lords, and a True Christian Templar Knight for the Right....but surely
not non-Christian Masons. Rather a "Fool' brave enough like Percevial who can 'pierce the valley' (Psalm 23). And with
FAITH enough to traverse all the land
of 64 squares. (Co-relate  
8x8 Magiuc Square Acre)  Only he shall surely know how to rearrange the 64 scattered stones, and checkmate the evil Black King to
gain the VICTORY for the WHITE KING of KINGS..

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