David Jay Jordan's

                                     Charity Feasts or Love Feasts ?

For all you Bible, letter for letter, word for word worshippers, you are truly going to have a hard time accepting the fact that
the Lord was and is sexual.... or even that the early church was sexual.

Unless you understand the principles of the Bible and the Spirit of the Lord, you truly shall have difficulties. For the New
English Protestant version that came out in the 1850's is not perfect as you may think and believe. Your belief as with church
people is that "Every word of scriptures is straight from GOD". This being interpreted that every jot and title of every word
has meaning. This
giving the semantic people and those that love to twist words the superiority over those that actually know the Lord, because
these seminarians will always say this author or this dictionary or this language dictates this truth that they espouse and
demand. INSANE !!!

Because words have changed meanings. Just as we mentioned last time, the word agape meant sex, love making and yet it was
changed to mean asexual platonic love. The word meaning has changed. Many things in the Bible translations have changed,
so that it is a minefield of truths with errors, that YOU personally are responsible to figure out, and tell the difference.

Anyway, I was studying a little on LOVE FEASTS, because no matter where you look or read, it is a given fact that the early
Christian church (in all three of its branches) had meetings and then communion and love feasts. The new deviant asexual
church of the Paulites saying it was agape love feasts. Nothing sexual as sex is sin and the holy than thou churchies will not
sin because they try to be holy and pure.

So I'm googling love feasts, and get to the Book of Jude. But it doesn't say or translate to 'love feasts' but makes them into
feasts of charity. Feasts of charity, that sounds like a feeding of the poor on a Sunday night, and not a
sexual love session of the brethren.

See how they have changed words to change precepts and get people away from true real love to hypocritical shallow system
love and cold hearts and cold heartless cultures. Its subtitle, but its there. They are afraid of the word 'LOVE FEASTS' and so
changed it into FEASTS OF CHARITY' How dare they, but they did.

Jude 1: 12 These are spots in your 'FEASTS OF CHARITY', when they feast with
you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried
about of winds; trees whose fruit withereth, without fruit, twice dead, plucked
up by the roots;

But read the whole chapter, and you are going to have to have discernment and know some history etc... to make up your
For always remember the first Christians gave up everything, their whole lives and followed Jesus to the death for the cause.
They were not church people who went to church for their self esteem on Sundays. These early Christians risked their lives
for the gospel and the truth. It was serious, very serious.

And yet with time, the precepts get loosenned and in the zeal to attract new believers and full time members, they took in
those that were not as sold out as the originals.

So James, (the literal brother of Jesus, and descendant of King David of Old via Joseph) wrote Jude and warned him about
these perverted ones, who were sensual. Yes, they were only there for the blessings, the fish sandwiches so to speak. They
were only there for the sex after the meetings and their hearts were not right. That does not make spiritual sex dirty and
wrong, but that we have to weed out the tares of those that are just after the flesh. For they will destroy a group or a club or
a church in the home fellowship.

Nevertheless the communions or love feasts went on, after these warnings.... as James warning was only to specific little
branches of the church and not to all the multitude of branches and full time church groups that were in so many countries by
this time. But you decide, and you decide if they had 'FEASTS of CHARITY' or 'LOVE FEASTS'


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