Church people try to explain away why Paul wrote such anti-women anti-sexual remarks in the Bible and either why we must
obey what he said as the Word of God or disregard it because it was merely God's Law for them back then. I would say
different.... and will post after this response from a brother who thought Paul was really sexual
( in red) rather than the normally
thought celebate Paul.

I have great doubts that the traditional understandings about a celibate Paul are correct. You need to keep some things in mind

1) We are never directly told in the Bible about Paul's sex life, (Nor much of anyone's, but with Paul I think his adversity to
sexuality would leave his experiences down to not more than a verse or two.) whether he was one to abstain or not.
(I'd quess he
was an abstainer just like he taught. He was rather honest, and blunt, and not hypocritical, so I think he taught what he believed
and did ... abstain.)

2) It is merely assumed that he abstained from sex, but that is the most traditional and politically correct message for Churches.
(Before he got into religion, and holiness, and before he started killing Christians, I would definitely say he had direct personal
sexual experiences with women, because his negativity towards them had to have come from experiences rather than book learning
or law keeping. I think he got seduced a number of times and got burned.)
They have to assume this if they teach premarital sex is
a sin.
(While a missionary, I don't think Paul snuck around doing what he preached against. He was too focused. He taught from
his past experiences rather than from a direct revelation from the Lord, he just gave his opinions about anti sex and anti women
and they got accepted as the WORD OF GOD by most of the church back then and almost all the church systems today. How
sad..... If one of our sexy real loving women had gotten to him, he might have sung a different tune. OH well, it was the WILL of
God to allow him to make the church into the old church system of the scribes and pharisees with a new bunch of man made

3) We are told in the Bible that Paul wishes unmarried (adult) Christians could 'abide' as he did. (Yes, he was an enuch and wanted
all to be enuchs and dead sexually as sex to him was carnal and unfulling, base and a distraction from the ministry, which such is
just not the case. Two are better than one as the Lord created and said and did..Paul needed a woman badly and maybe this is
why he was so hard to get along with. He was sexually frustrated).
The Greek word for 'abide' is also used to describe other
believers actually 'living together
'.(But surely Paul with his anti-women perspective also would not abide sexually with them
because of his anti-sex fundamental. How sad.... a sister should have caught him by the organ, and then he would have sing a
better tune)

4) There are numerous cases in his Epistles Paul honors single Church ladies he knew well.(Yes because they were usually the
ones who ministered to and cared for, and gave of their money to the disciples and apostles because they were apostles and
disciples. They couldn't travel as easily as men, so they had to do what they could when a travelling missionary came through.
Yes, at least Paul tried to give them some credit)

We cannot prove either way, but Paul is definitely no stranger to the ladies. (Or maybe some bad ladies of the night ripped him
off earlier in his life. Whatever something happenned to him before He meet the Lord or should I say meet the Lord's
So his opinion regarding sexual activity and marriage may have been intended for the members of the church who
were of the traditional age of marriage in New Testament times.
(Nah, he was just plain and simple anti sex, he even was petrified
of any widows under sixty, as if they would destroy the congregations in their sexual lust in stealing a husband. Now that was
extreme and was not the Lord's will at all. We are to take in widows and be husbands to them at any age. Yet Paul tried to make a
law to kick them out if they were too young, even if they were in their fifties... Shocking)
That would have been early and
mid-teen years for many of those Christians
. (Nah, as mentioned he was scared of sex even from an older widow. I can't see him
even talking to a woman alone.)

He did state this opinion more clearly in 1 Tim 5:14. I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the
house, give none occasion to the adversary to speak reproachfully.
( This is just his opinion again, as it smacks of, giving no
appearance of evil.. Have good P.R. with your neighbor's atitude rather than the Word of God. Jesus didn;t tell women to marry,
stay home and watch the children. Jesus said, Forsake all and go to the ends of the world, whether men or women. No difference.)

I hope that helps you to enjoy yourself. (I'd say we have to go beyond Paul and see how most of his words are NOT the WORD
of God rather than trying to force them into a liberated Paul speaking to the young or all. But each of us has to determine it on
their own and in prayer. But one thing for sure, you just can;t justify Paul's words with sexual liberation. Paul was not sexually
liberated IMO and we definitely know he didn;t want to allow sexual liberation in his churches. There was a huge range of
differences when it comes to sexuality in the early churches as other apostles and disciples started other groups and churches that
were sexually liberated, Pauls were on a short string. Paul was a great great missionary, but his teachings were not good once he
got off GRACE. IMO Better to stick to the Lord and His prophets on these rather than Paul)

Thanks (Welcome)
David Jay Jordan
Celibate Paul ?
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