David Jay Jordan

Capstone, Giza Plateau, and 1/56th

Let's consider the FACT that "The (Great Pyramid) capstone
was fractally 1/56th the area of the pyramid and that was 1/56th
the area of the Nile delta plateau which supported it, and that was
1/56th the area of the continent of Africa, and that was 1/56th the
area of Earth."

But the capstone was not created according to the size of the
Earth, but surely just the opposite as the Earth was made in pro-
portion to the size of the capstone. For the Giza capstone was the
exact size of the Holy of Holies, ... for from there, the Spirit of God created ALL THINGS. For  the capstone of the Great Pyramid
is symbolic of thecapstone of the whole universe, the stone which the builders rejected …for that stone created the Earth …..
Jesus  SEE  
Magic ratios   Who made the Distances

But what was the actual size of the golden capstone that was placed atop the Great Pyramid, the initiation chamber to the stars.
Well according to the Great Pyramid Facts and Statistics Web-
http://www.crystalinks.com/gpstats.html The capstone was 103
inches in height , approximately 8.58 feet in height with a base side of 13.5 feet, But this fits nicely into the Holy of Holies which
was 15 feet by 15 feet by 15 feet. In other words the Capstone would fit perfectly into the Holy of Holies, for remember the ARK
and the King's Sacrophagus or initiation coffin were exactly the same size. SEE
Giza Saccophagus.

'The Pyramid being a type of replication in ratios of the most sacred of all temples the Lord's Tabernacle with the Holy of Holies
and the ARK of the Covenant within. For without the Spirit or Shem, the Holy of holies would be nothing and the tabernacle
nothing, just as the Shemstone of the Great Pyramid was exactly in the middle of the Pyramid, just like the Lord's Spirit or 'Rauch'
was exactly in the center of  the Holy of Holy Cube.'
"Queen's Chamber 'Shem stone'---.' Apparently, this  stone (situated exactly
at the center of the pyramid) was the "heart" of the pyramid and pulsated red light. The Shem-Stone gave the  power needed to
attack enemy deities when they were flying their Shem's - flying chariots.

So we have a connection between the Lord's Temple and Giza, and so we back track to the 1/56th ratio as it was said that the
capstone  was 1/56th of the total height of the pyramid. For confirmation note
part-1.html - Figure 13. And there it is once again.

O.K. but now we get into the magnification of sixe by 56 which expands to the Nile Delta Plateau, as the Pyramid base size was
1/56th of the total size of the Nile Delta Plateau. Wait a minute, that's crazy talk, as the Pryamids can be proportioned but how can
the whole Plateau by proportioned or designed as that would have to be designed by the designer of the whole Plateau.

But then again it says the Plateau is 1/56 the size of the whole of Africa, and so who again designed the whole geographic structure
of Africa to be exactly in proportion…. You got it the Creator of the whole Earth.  For again in fact Africa is 1/56th the size of the
whole area of the Earth. So logically speaking such proportions and magnifications just like in the Golden Section Template of Life
magnifications, were made by the Creator of the Earth who also created the Universe, because these templates of magnification and
proportion exist there as well.

So now let's do the math. If the capstone is 1, then the Great Pyramid is 56, and the Plateau is 3,136, and Africa is 175,616, and the
Earth  is 9,834,496 times as large as the capstone standard of 1.    And according to the chakra's of our body designed by the Lord  
Made in His Image and  Golden Section and your Body

There are seven spirals or a multiple of seven involved in the 56 proportioning… Right ? Right ! there are seven phi sections in our
design  that means the magnification spiral has to spiral upwards seven whole times before reaching the capstone.    "The path from
the optical to the sonics, which drive the "discipline of ecstacy", is exactly SEVEN octaves. This is illustrated classically by the
addition of the petals to the spinning neuro-muscular plexi called chakra. This fluid energetic flow when in complete circuit from cell
to lower gland to upper cortex, is perceived as sweetness or nectar in the brain." SEE

So there again is the seven times magnification, that is incorporated into our divine bodies that can escalate at bliss into our
capstones. Ha, but you would have to study a lot more to figure out what that site is saying or what I am eluding to….. and yet
mathematically it again goes right back to the design of the Great Pyramid or should I say the design of new jerusalem which is the
Temple of the Bride. She is the virgin Bride of the King of Kings, Jesus, also known as the bridegroom in revelation and throughout
the Bible. And she is deemed 7, the un-enterable virgin bride that only the bridegroom can enter thru her gates. 360 degrees divided
by 7 yielding the side angle of the Pyramidal structure 51.42 degrees. Are you now catching the co-relations even though it may be
overwhelming at first ? Whew !!!

O.K. well let's get back to 56, for 56 divided by 7 gives 8, . But if you take a circumference of eight it means the pyramidal sides
have to be 2 (2 times four sides equals 8) But that means the base length of 1 gives the height of the pyramid as the square root of
phi, Right ? SEE graphics again at
Golden Section and your Body which brings us back to the apex or the summit of the capstone.
Did you catch it. 56 can be proven to be part and parcel of the mathematics of the phi designed pyramid structure of Giza, and our
divinely created bodies….as well. And it must be for this spiraling magnification reason that the proportions outward from the
capstone are in a magic ratio of 56 times as large. I mean Giza itself is just a 10,000 times minature of New Jersualem the ultimate
temple of Eternity designed by the Lord which will come after 1,000 years of the Millinium. Right ?

Well it is right because Giza 792 foot base is exactly 10,000 times smaller than the New Jerusalem base of 7,920,000 feet base
(12,000 furlongs times 660 feet per furlong = 7,920,000feet) (SEE
New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid And if you magnify 10,000
times 1000, to expand and make New Jerusalem in proportion to the Earth with this same reasoning like the Creator must have
done in His perfect harmony and balance, then it becomes the magic number of 10,000,000 which is …..oh so close to the
9,834,496 number we just calculated, using the 56 expansion. So 1000 times 3 expansion and the 56 times 4 expansion might be
identical if we got them exactly and precisely right.

For even when we take the square root of 10,000,000 we get 3162, which is oh so close to the magical 3168 or the squaring of the
circle of 792 (72 times 11 which goes right back to the Sacred Name and Number of the Lord of Lords 72). SEE  
Sexy Star of David
Hmmm so maybe we are very close if we just got it right and exact like obviously the Lord has done with His co-relations and
Perfect Design of All things including our perfect 'imperfect' Bodies until he makes them by perfect by His Shem, His Spirit.

Just a thought, as esoterically it is also said there are
28 steps to the top of a spiritual pyramid, 28 is 7 times four and maybe 28
steps down making a sine wave of a completed cycle that makes 56, and we are back to His perfection or magnification of 56, so
well illustrated by the angelic knowledge used in building the Giza Pyramid. But that's only in my opinion until we find out more
and until corrected.

David Jay Jordan
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