David Jay Jordan's

         Can Jesus reveal Himself
                          to non-Christians ?

Unfortunately some people think that Jesus can
only reveal himself to people inside a church building,
because certainly He would NOT do so to Muslims or
Jews or people who aren’t praying in a specific so-called
church way.Yet I content from the previous letter that
Jesus can reveal himself to anyone, anywhere for He
knows our hearts and even our future hearts.

So let’s look at the most notable example, that absolutely proves this beyond any
shadow of any body’s doubts. Just open your Bibles to Acts Chapter 9. Here you will
notice that Saul was actually in the process of persecuting Christians (like some foolish
people even do today). Saul was on his way to Damascus in an attempt to imprison even
more Christians when lightning knocked him down. And said "Saul Saul, why persecutest
thou me? Saul, like people today said, Who art thou Lord? And the Lord said ‘I am JESUS
whom thou persecutest’, but do notice that Saul wasn’t persecuting Jesus directly
but by persecuting Lord’s people, the LORD considered that Saul was persecuting Jesus
directly. And the Lord said unto all that foolish imprison the Lord’s people, that ‘It is
hard for them) to kick against the pricks’. In other words, they just make things worse
and worse for themselves as they harden their hearts more and more

So right here from the scriptures, it definitely says, Jesus revealed himself unto Saul, who
eventually changed his name to Paul and did great things for the Lord after he was
enlightened concerning his evil persecution of the Lord’s children. And even though,
Saul wasn’t praying and even though Saul wasn’t in a church building, and even
though Saul wasn’t a Christian but a Jew, JESUS still choose to reveal himself to Saul
despite his hardened heart.

So obviously the Lord can break through to anyone under any conditions. And obviously the
Lord could easily reveal himself to a Muslim inside or outside of a mosque, a New Age
person praying in the mountains of an Ashram, or absolutely anyone even if they aren’t
praying. Because the Lord knows our hearts and even our hearts in the future and He can
reveal Himself to anyone at any time and any where.

So let’s stop limiting the powers of the Lord to a certain method, to certain conditions
inside a church etc. etc. because the Lord is Lord of all and nothing can stop Him from
showing Himself to anyone that He chooses.

In Jesus’ Service

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