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Prophecy dictates that time is planned, and has a direction and that events HERE on Earth are part of the DESIGN of the
DESIGNER .....JESUS. These are major world events that will occur and have occured. It's at first hard to comprehend because
the Lord gives us FREE CHOICE, and our personal FATE is not decided in advance by HIM but by our own choices and
decisions in the lives we have been given. But major events from the BEGINNING of CREATION have all been predetermined
on an exact time line, that culminates in the End Time. Therefore, our choice is to decide what side we want to be on, when these
events happen. For these events shall go no matter what and the Lord's prophecy shall be fulfilled.

So again, lets look at another time frame that has to have a parallel time frame in the End Time, as so far no time frame has stood
alone and been executed in isolation. Lets consider the time frame of Abraham leaving Ur, and arriving in Egypt, being enslaved,
leaving via Moses leadership, until entering into the Promised Land. How many years was that -¦ 430 years !   A rather strange
number, with seemingly no correspondences to solar or lunar time frames the Lord established in Genesis or the BEGINNING
OF TIME. But wait a minute¦. How many years was Moses in the wilderness with his disobedient children of Israel 40 years,
and then Joshua took them into the promised land.

430 years  = 390 years  +  40 years Remember this division and we shall go over it later, as we definitely have seen the 390 days
number previously with Ezekiel and with the AC timing, and with the Lord's timing in the End TIME. But according to
scriptures, it says distinctly that there was a 430 year period of time before they entered into the PROMISED LAND..


Hence taking this time frame before, lets apply it to NOW, in our proposed time line that suggests that the Great Tribulation will
start in 2018, and lets see if there is any possible correlation with history. Because personally I just don't know any significant
year being taught me at school about recent history that denoted a great change in history. Mind you they don,t always see the
way the Lord sees things or do they ? History is history.

                                                                    2018 - 430 = 1588.

So lets do a simple search of˜what happened in 1588 And what do we find ? Well in 1588 of the Lord's HIS-story, the Spanish
Armada sailed against the British. This being the largest and greatest number of ships ever assembled in naval warfare.


And in short¦.. with the English victory came a new trading era and colonization of the new world by the English. This is and was
the BEGINNING OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE around the world. England defeated Spain  And the year was 1588, and was
indeed a monumental year in the fate of the world as Spain,s loss in this war, elevated England to prominence and world
superiority. It was a division point, a starting point where ENGLAND RULED.

But why did the Lord, through the waves and external weather that devastated the Spanish Armada into defeat and destruction on
the open seas and in port, want England to come into prominence. Why did the Lord choose England and all her sins to win over
the Spanish ? At the time,religiously, the Roman Catholic Church was hiding the Word of God, its horrible Inquisition was killing
those trying to read and hear and obey the Lord Voice through His WORDS. So the Lord, in this instance favored the Protestants,
and went against the Spanish and Catholics, because HE wanted His WORDS  given and distributed to the people of the world.
He wanted and planned for the dispersion of His Gospel ...... to all the world through the British Protestants and their voyages
and rule of the world's seas and oceans.

(This before the Protestants like the Catholics became formalized and cold and hardened like their predessors, the Catholics.)

For what did Protestant ENGLAND produce just 23 years later after 1588, a revolutionary accurate BIBLE or Word for winning
the world to Jesus, the KJV of the Bible. For it was mainly this Bible which the British sailors took with them around the world.
Their new rule on the waves and free trade, gave English missionaries the means by which to spread the gospel to all the world as
the Lord demanded His Disciples to do. They published the good news in 1614 .   SEE Confirmation
Great Step as this prophetic
timing of the British World Takeover by Faith was also designed right into the Grand Gallery of the Lord's Pyramid of Prophecy
called Giza
                British Empire Prophecy    - 1588        

Spanish Armada -430 Years til Promised land -  Abraham to Joshua
Conclusion and Timeline of British Empire Prophecy