Art by Pat Marvenko Copyright 1982-1992
Bible 1
Prophecy 1
Prophecy 2
Witches, Wiccans,  & Christianity
Grace Not Works
. Why Churches are so Dangerous
.  Our Souls are Our Decisions
.  Lineage of Jesus Graphic
.  ForeFathers Graphic
.  Einstein Finds God
God is NOT Tricky
The Lord is not Nationalistic
Equality not Patriarchy
We have to Choose
Reap what we Sow
The Lord hates whimps
Bride of Christ in the Old Testament
All are Teachers
There are only Two Religions
Judge or Judge NOT
Why study Prophecy
All opinions are not Equal
Lord loves Judgment
New Nation of the Lord
The Lord is Fair
Jesus is God
                                        BASIC PRINCIPLES
                                      For precept must be upon precept, and line upon line, here a little and
                                                                         there a little (step by step) ........   Isaiah 28:13
Jesus is the Creator
Women Prophetesses
Thus saith the Lord) "But unto you that fear my Name
shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his
wings...Malachi 4: 2
  Guest Writers
.   Gary's      ----   Perfect Mistranslation
Pat's       -----   Equality not Patriarchy
Dave's   ---      Fornication Mistranslation
Trust's   ---      Seven Ways to Know God's Will
David Jay Jordan's
Heather's  ---- E-mailing Witnessing
Go Ye into All Cyberspace
E-mail Witnessing Example
Who are the 'Other Sheep'
Pagan and Witchcraft Beliefs
Hating the World
Porceliendoll's   -- Wiccan's, Medicine and Christinatity
Zeek's ------ A.C. before Jesus's Return
Bible Studies
Church Blindenss to New Scriptures
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Prove it, Prove it, Prove it
RawnaMoon's     --  Discerning the Spirits
Spiritual Growth
Prophecy 3
12 Women Apostles of Jesus
Women Warrior Poems
Onward Christian Soldiers
Search with an Open Mind
Sin Against Holy Ghost
Soul Winning
The Word
Art from
Trinity, True of False ?