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                      Beautiful Location of New Jerusalem on Earth

Allow me to speculate according to some truths we know to some truths we don't know and maybe will never know until the
Lord sets down his New Jerusalem exactly where He wants it, here on Earth. So don't get too upset if I get this wrong but it
surely will put in your mind that mmaybe the Lord, our Creator, made the EARTH according to His specifications exactly,
and even made the shapes of the continents and their positions exactly to match his personal and exact DESIGN.    SEE
is the Creator

So to start, why don't we find out first how large New Jerusalem will be. For it is written in Revelations 21: 15-16 And he
(the angel) that talked with me had a golden reed (the sacred measure) to measure the city, and the gates thereof, and the wall
thereof. And the city lieth foursquare, and the length is as large as the breadth: and he measured the city with the reed, twelve
thousand furlongs. The length and the breadth and the height of it are equal.

Great, so the sacred measure is a furlong or as we can find out 660 feet or as is said the number of steps it takes a man to walk
if plowing an acre of field. And if we take eight furlongs we get a mile or 5280 feet, and that's why a mile is a mile because it
related to our very basic divine beginnings, and was not just a secular random measurement without meaning. So do remember
this as we go along, because you will be reminded of this very principle over and over again, as the numbers and measurement
ratios start to repeat.

All right, so therefore if we divide 12,000 furlongs by eight we get 1,500 miles, making New Jerusalem base, 1500 miles by
1500 miles. So where is it placed on Earth? Right on top of the present Jerusalem site. Well maybe, as that was a very special
location, even having the Universe's only Messiah and Creator being born a few miles north at 31.68 latitude in Bethlehem.
And this being no mistake as the Lord's great Number is 72, taken straight from the value of his Letters that make up His
Name, (YHWH), giving 792 (72 times 11) as a side, making a circumference, of you guessed it 3168, which correlates exactly
to its latitude.  SEE
Jesus, Latitude and Bethlehem

Whoa, you might be saying, how can a latitude match up with the Lord's birthplace. Well, the simple answer is that if Jesus
was the Creator,  (and He was) wouldn't He make his birth place correlate to the Earth that He created. Yes, of course that's
possible because He is Al-Mighty (Isaiah 9: 6) and all truths point back to Him. (John 14: 6).

And to think this same 792 side we just talked about correlates to the Earth's 7920 miles of diameter and the 792 feet of a side
of the Giza Pyramid .... And are you ready, hang onto your loin cloths because the length of New Jerusalem is ……  
7,920,000 feet … (1500 miles times 5280 feet/mile ).just an amazing coincidence, No as proportions are all important in
projecting and multiplying and is a basis for the Lord's Template of life called the Golden Section or PHI also called
BEAUTY itself. SEE Magic Ratio's of Giza and Earth

But let's go on, where might the Lord place his Holy Bride, His Eternal City.  Hmmm, maybe the words of the psalmist have
a clue
Psalm 48:1 Great is  the LORD, and greatly to be praised in the city of our God, in the mountain of his holiness. (His New
Jerusalem is called a mountain because it is a crystal Pyramid.
SEE New Jerusalem is a Crystal Pyramid.

Psam 48:2  Beautiful for situation, the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Zion, on the sides of the north, the city of the great
King. "Beautiful for situation"
there might be our clue, as beautiful, relates directly to PHI  SEE What is beauty And it says
that New Jerusalem will be situated beautifully, in exactly the right place on Earth. Well isn't it said that the Giza Pyramid
was situated in the very middle of all  land masses, and that it's situation is exactly right. Why, because it was built by the
fallen angels that stole the lord's information and truths for their own purposes.  SEE Stolen Information

O.K. let's take this very special latitude of Giza as our starting point for the southern placement of New Jerusalem. For
remember, Giza is just a smaller by 1/10,000 the size of New Jerusalem. Why, because they were trying to copy the power
and proportions and design of the Lord's City. They wanted an Eternal City to send their Divine Ones to the Eternal whereas
ours will be the real thing in all its strength.

And because every degree of latitude is approximately 69 miles here on Earth, hence if we divide 1500 miles by
approximately 69 miles/degree we get the number of degrees northward the other lateral East-West side of New Jerusalem
would lie along. The answer approximately 21.5 degrees added to our starting latitude of Giza's 30.03 latitude would make the
northern latitude 51.53 degrees latitude.

So my speculation is that it ends up exactly at 51.43 degrees latitude, if our mathematics is correct. Why did I pick that
specific exact degree, because that is the side slope angle of Giza's slope, and New Jerusalem's slope, 51'27" degrees. And this
co-relates exactly to the Virgin Bride.

What, you've lost it, David ------ Not  so, because the Lord's Number is 7 called the Virgin because it is un-enterable except
by the Bridegroom. (Jesus)  For notice, when you divide 360 degrees the total circle by 7, you get 51.43 degrees. Do the math
for yourselves and find out. Do you catch the magnitude of this correspondence. --- that the Lord's PHI aligned city would be
on a PHI latitude for obvious reasons of Harmony and Power. Stop a minute and think about it !!!

And if you don't this sufficient proof, let's go and see if there is any other confirmations in actual cities and spiritual sites that
would confirm this spiritual latitude.. Ahaaaaaa, Avebury in England is exactly on this same latitude, and so is 1500 miles
north of Bethlehem and it is a hub of spiritual and paranormal activity. SEE
Avebury is on a Spiritual Latitude concerning
Galaxy T.V.'s psychic research project

Oh Yes and if that is not enough ----- Is not Glastonbury where the Lord's Grail was taken by Joseph of Aramathia and Mary
Magdalene, also on this very same Latitude of 51 degrees. And wasn't this the starting point of expansion of the Lord's
WORDS to all the world via the printing WORD SEE
Holy Grail King Arthur and Church History

There's some other very significant specific sites and reasoning when you consider that this very latitude might be a pathway
or crossroads. For the angles of the edges of the Earth's dodecahedron, if in fact the Great Architect of designed it this way
the Earth and All the Universe do converge at some interesting places. But we may get to that later as well as the longitudes
and some other significant cities of the North.

So there you be, for now, that's my speculation and guess as to what latitudes the Lord shall place His Holy Sacred and
Divine New Jerusalem between. And whatever the truth is, it is permissible and honorable to think about His exact and
precise and BEAUTIFUL CITY from above that will descend upon His Earth, that we can enter into if we love Him with all
our hearts. For the first step is just receiving Him as our Messiah and as our Creator SEE Salvation SEE Jesus

For if we do this, and are truly obedient and faithful to follow Him, then there is absolutely no telling how far we can go and
what wonders we will see.

Don't you agree ?

David Jay Jordan

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