David Jay Jordan's

 Beats of our Heart

   If you ever wondered why some music gets to you and you feel like dancing and moving to the
music. Its because music with the right beat, beats to the rthymn of our hearts. We want to blend in with
it as one and in unison. We don't just hear it but feel it in our hearts. Ha, and that's why even a little
alcohol can liberate us, to forget our minds and feel the music in our spirit. (SEE
Jesus made wine)
because when we are truly dancing, we don't move according to numbers, step after step, but with the
music and with the beat. It leads and guides us as we become part of it, and it becomes part of us. (SEE
Sexual dancing)

   For scientifically there is even a flame that bends with literal sound waves. The beat or troughs of
sounds between crests, changes the flame chemically and then makes it burn and twist with the music.
And we are no different, for good dancers, can sense the music and move like a human flame. And
similarly if you have ever been close to big speakers, you can literally feel the air move and beat in
rhythmn to the music. And if the beats per second, correspond to the heart rate that the Lord
incorporated into us then we can respond. (SEE
Made in His Image)

   So interestingly enough, the normal beat of most music is 120 beats per minute or twice per second.
Our hearts vary in their rate though, as the stronger our hearts are,  the slower our heart rates need to go.
Meaning athletes have a slower heart rate than non-athletes, but when either group accelerates their heart
rate upwards in excitement or dancing it can easily reach 120 beats per minute. And because nothing the
Lord made is made at random without connections to the rest of his creations, then our heart rates and
music beats and even our brain waves are all interconnected according to His Master Musical Frequency
Plan. (SEE
Absolute 33) Pythagorus tried to explain this in  'the Music of the Spheres' for the
macrocosm, but it applies to the microcosm and us as well. Everything moves and gives off a vibration
and a frequency, and everything in the Lord's creation is harmonic together. It was literally made that
way. So if we can get back to the basics and the original music of our hearts, then we can return to the
Creator and to His Throne. This is what the rthymn divine is suppose to do for us, connect us to the our
Conductor. And there appears to be steps in reaching Him accoustically and with the right vibrations of
our heart, and voices in prayer and even in dance.  (SEE
108-112 Hertz Steps to the Throne)

   And so this 2 beats a second seems to be the magical rate at which we get excited and want to blend
in with the music of love, that gets us excited and into the mood of becoming One. IYKWIM.

   And so if our music, let's say is tuned to a frequency of A of 432 hertz per second, then at a base
frequency of 108 hertz which is easy to tune to for a male, and with females singing at 216 hertz, an
octave higher then this could be our musical frequencies of our voices. (SEE
Magical Ratios) And then if
the Lord's creation is tuned to 110 hertz as science says stones,  granite and crystals are, then we have a
difference of 2 .... as 110 hertz take away 108 hertz, will give us noduals or peaks or beats of 2 beats per
second. Are you catching it and feeling it.

    If we harmonize and use A as our Chord for music and have the Chord of Triumph mixed in (SEE
Harmony) and the Lord's creation responds with its 110 hertz, then 2 beats a second are created and we
become one with His Creation and Our music becomes His Music if our hearts are right (SEE
Voice Link) and we are in tune with the way He created them.

   Whewee ... and that's  natural and normal and spiritual and can be estatic even reaching the
physiological state called 'bliss'. And at that elevated stage, as even science has found out many
miraculous things are possible. (SEE
Light Speed at Bliss) And in bliss and centered only to our Creator,
we would be following in the ecstatic footsteps and dancing of
King David. For King David of Old forgot
himself and just danced wildly and sang freely unto the Lord of Lords before the Ark of the Covenant, to
the shock of the religious establishment. And yet, he was a 'man after the Lord's own HEART and
danced in the
Lord's Spirit.

   Therefore the tempo of our music has to be co-related to our literal heart beats and His as well. Sacred
music has to be felt, and though we can listen to and have slower meditative music that gets us thinking
about the Lord, there is dancing music or rythmn music that gets us moving in His direction. Most
churches don't do this, but if our hearts and right, there is more to music than just sitting down and
listening as we should be able to play, listen and dance and sing to the music with all our hearts and
souls, and bodies. But surely this is not for the weak or the distracted, but only for those that know the
Lord and those who can concentrate only on Him.

   The music has to real and from the heart, the lyrics have to be real and from the heart, the beat has to
be real and from the heart, and it can be fast paced , meaning our hearts can race in exercise rythmn, to
120 beats per second as we dance and sing unto the Lord, and maybe even reaching the ecstatic rate of
160. For we have to learn the '
Song of Moses', in the End-Time and I don't think they were all just sitting
around thanking the Lord for DELIVERANCE before, so why should we in the future, ....... but up and
dancing and singing to the Lord for His Salvation. And we shall have our 'Miriams' and we shall have our
Battle Songs and our Victory Songs and our Praise Songs

   For  Jesus said, 'I piped unto you' but the world didn't dance, ...... but we shall hear His Music and we
shall dance and sing to Him with all our hearts and we shall do it together as One. .... as the Bride unto
the Bridegroom  ....

In My Musical Opinion


Written 2005
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