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                         Avebury's Spiritual Phi Latitude

Having been a poster on the  Phantom or Fraud Forum and communicating with Ross who is doing research for galaxy T.V. at
Avebury England. Where he's attempting to document leylines, orbs, ghosts  and force fields and more right now. I asked what
their latitude was and now have found out the answer. So I'll pass this onto Ross which makes them all exactly on a very
significant latitude and am using that term lightly because it is much heavier and stronger than that. (SEE also
Russian Atlai Mountains Prophecy)

Why, because the Lord created the Earth and divided it properly and according to His latitudes SEE  
Bethlehems Latitude, Jesus
and the Earth
. And everything and everyplace has been positioned according to His Plan and Purposes

So Latitudes are very important and nothing the Lord does is insignificant or without meaning. So first let's look up Avebury's Latitude  and
see what it is...  SEE,

Because if you punch in AVEBURY, you get the exact latitude of Avebury England as 51n27 . O.K. that may not ring any
corresponding bells in yuor ears, but if you had studied the Golden Section and its Design principles used by the Lord as His
Template, you would see the absolute connection and corelation. So start by reviewing the
Golden Section Graphics as well as
maybe the
Golden Section Class

Did you catch it ... the side slope of the Giza Pyramid and New Jerusalem is exactly 51.43.... which translates into 51'27" ....
Why because the Lord's Virgin bride's Number of 7 divided into 360 degrees gives 51'27" because it is PHI based as well as
ourselves, etc  etc.

And lo and behold, it is the same as the latitude of Avebury, so no wonder there is spiritual activity where Ross is located, as
this just confirms he is at the right place, and at the right time, because it is the End-time and there is nothing secret that won't be

There's a lot more to this story about the design of the Earth, which shows absolutely that the Lord is the Creator, but we can
wait a little while longer, and it will be revealing according to cities and power points and correspondances, and it should
encourage your faith to know the Lord is in total exact control. Why because 51'27" = 51'27"  SEE
Latitude Location of New
Jerusalem as well as Giza-London-New Jerusalem-Phi Connections which came after and from this posting.

Don't you just love the Lord's exactness ... and solving mysteries !!

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