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Athens is on the Crossroads

From my maps and my distance calculations, it appears that Athens is on the diagonal of a 1500 mile square aligned to
due NORTH (the size of New Jerusalem). AND at each of these cornerstones is London and Giza.   SEE
Location of New

And now from a hunch, I looked at Jerusalem and Rome, to see if there was an exact distance connection, as a line is the
shortest distance between two places. And using http://www.wcrl.ars.usda.gov/cec/java/lat-long.htm as a measuring tool
between cities ... I found out that the distance between

Rome to Jerusalem is 1422 miles
Rome to Athens is 654 miles
Athens to Jerusalem 778 miles

Therefore Rome-Athens-Jersualem is 1422 miles a straight line meaning once again Athens is on the direct line
between two spiritual centers and is itself a spiritual center  AND it is on the line of the London- Giza connection which
means it is a CROSSROADS  of exact geography, if I have gotten it exact..

So does this mean that there are ley lines, or spiritual lines and pathways between spiritual centers or spiritual temples.
I would say so, as surely the Lord is exact if we can just figure out his Precision in the Spirit and in the Physical. "As in
Heaven and so on Earth - as above so below" So these places were predestined to be important. IMO, and Athens is on a
spiritual crossroads. And hence it must be of importance to us, the GOOD SIDE, in the End Time. For doesn't Ellas, the
ancient name of Greece also mean, LIGHT DESCENDING. For surely  the prophet, Isaiah could have been speaking
about it, when he said
                  Isa 9:2
                          The people that walked in darkness have seen a great light:
                          they that dwell in the land of the shadow of death, upon
                          them hath the light shined.,

Besides isn't Delphi where the oracles before were given from. And isn't it also 70 milesNorth West of Athens, on the
line running between London and Giza, on the possible diagonal of New Jerusalem's placement   SEE
Alignment and
Power and Crystal Alignment of Three Stars

So does not the geographical plot thicken as we apporach the End-Time. For there is a time and a place for
Rituals, when when and why

Don't you agree ?

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