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The problem with the stars, is that the dam perverse dark side has taken over their meaning with it's perverse insane delusional
horoscopes and daily forecasts, so that earthlings start to think they have no choice, and that the heavens dictate what will
happen to them and what their choices will be. Absolutely untrue and a diabolical lie ... IMO. The primary PRINCIPLE of the
Lord is CHOICE!!!! We all have to choose, and no one or no race, or no nationality or group is sacrosanct that does not have to
choose the Lord and His WAY.

Psychics and astrologers of the dark side predict forecasts or prophesy via slick slimy speech and it’s done only for
money. It is not of the Lord or for you; do not believe them, as we have seen some of our friends do. It is not from the Lord.
Having said that though, let me suggest to you, that the positioning of the stars at birth, does dictate our personal make-up or
the variety of personalities the Lord has created to have a balanced community of individuals. You can say, He does this
through natural selection in the genes, but I would say, He does this through the natural sweet influences of the stars when we
are born.

WHY, because birth signs from my experience are true. If any one reads SUN SIGNS by Linda Goodman, once or twice and
has even a little insight into people and their ways, they can easily start to approximate people's SUN SIGNS with one or two
or three guesses. Statistically speaking it is valid. It works, and does show a significant value even with the environment of that
individual and his later choices covering up or enhancing the original personality of what the Lord created.

It’s the hand we have been given by the Lord, and our environment dictates the conditions, whereas our choices dictate
how we play the hand we have been dealt ...... by the Lord through the stars. So it is an approximation help for some people
not a direct science, but it can give clues, and yet SUN SIGNS are not the end all be all...... but sometimes a help in
the way some people are. Yet we can not worship them as if they are 'true' and have to be true for all. Absolutely not !!!

Yet still there is something about the stars that are signs of what people are like who are born in their light. The revolutions and
rotations and positioning all having been made and done by the Lord of ALL.

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