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Ark and Womb opened in 280 Days
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The Lord is the CREATOR of LIFE, as well as the destoyer of life.

Isaiah  45: 7     I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

But it is always according to His first creative process and most beautiful process, sexual reproduction. This using the
magnificiently designed BEAUTY and FUNCTION of His last CREATION.... WOMAN. So when the Lord said, He was going to
destroy the Earth with a FLOOD because of the violation of his mating laws..... broken by the rebellious angels that started mating
with the daughters of men that created evil and violent genetic offspring..... it seems He used the exact birthing process and timing
of his own women's cycles when producing new life. back HERE on EARTH.

O.K. So check your biology books and you women check on the number of days it takes before your babies became due from
conception. Is it not 280 days in most cases under ideal conditions ?


The '40-Week' method:

This calculation is again fairly straightforward. The date of the
start of the last menstruation cycle is again used as a base point.
The next step is to simply add 40 weeks from this point. The problem
with this method is that it does not take into account women that
have a longer or shorter menstruation cycle. In these cases, the
ovulation point can be different to the usual 28 day cycle.

We won't get into the great significance of 40 weeks, but due note that it takes 280 days from the start of her cycle til birth in the
ideal case to maturity and birth. So let's keep this in mind as we studt what happenned to the Earth,and its NEW BIRTH via the
Flood of waters upon it, in the time of NOAH. Now, read and jot down all the numbers and times of Noah.


2 Months                    (New Moon)  (Egg descends)

2 Months 10 days      (Noah entered into ARK) (Conception)
                                           (Genesis 7: 4, 10)
2 Months 17 days       (Water came down, springs of deep came up)
                                           (Genesis 7:11)
7 Months 17 days       (Ark rested on Ararat)
                                            (Genesis 8:4)
10 Months 1 Day                      (Genesis 8:5)

Gen 8:6 And it came to pass at the end of forty days, that Noah opened the window of the ark which he had made:

Therefore add 40 days waiting time before the ARK door or womb was openned....

11 Month 11 Day (SEE also the
Number 11)   Noah opens ark window....

Do the Math, because from 2nd Month on the 1st Day to the 11th month on the 11th day is 280 days, as the jewish calendar is
lunar and has 30 days per month in it....

Therefore the Womb of the ARK openned exactly 280 days after the womb was closed with the lives of Noah, wife and three sons
and wifes within as well as all the animals the Lord instructed to be put inside. The New life that was to replenish the Earth came
out exactly in the timing of His sacred female cycle and to again fulfill His FIRST COMMANDMENT of "Be fruitful and

Its not by accident Brethren, but by
DESIGN..... as the greatest creation of the Lord is us. And His most beautiful creation is a
woman, and it is through her and her divine cycles that NEW LIFE is recreated, as two become one and create a third.  And it is
through this timing mechanism that His Holy Days are scheduled

Womans Birth Timeline
Holy Days and a Womans Birth Cycle

Similarly it is through this timing of New Life even given to Noah that we have to build our ARK in the End Time

5 Years to build Arkand 2017

For Noah prophesied 120 years of the Coming Flood, and our Coming Flood was forewarned 120 years in advance as well. As well
as the confirmation from our Lord that Noah and the WORLDWIDE FLOOD were real and part of our true HISTORY.

                                          Noahs Ark and the Worldwide Flood

The Lord is exact and this is why, He put these exact details in genesis and Jasher, so as to encourage us, that what happenned
before shall happen again. A flood of evil men and destruction is coming, but there shall spring forth NEW LIFE right afterwards, if
we enter into the Lord's ARK or Encampment.

Are you entering IN ?

2 -10 - 09  February 10th 2009

In His Love and Timing

David and Trixie