I was asked a few questions recently via email on the 144,000 and one of them was.... 'Are you one of the 144,000 ?'.

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In my mind I thought of course I am, but then I figured I better say something like... I hope so, maybe, or time will tell. But then
again, why pretend, why a false humility, when we all have to have the confidence that we are if we are to be part of the 144,000.
We have to KNOW and BELIEVE IT and act like we already are. We have to be serving the Lord NOW and not just waiting for
our selection. We have to have claimed this DESTINY and be in the process of it being fulfilled within us NOW. We have to have
claimed the inheritance, laimed this blessing and have wrestled with the angel to have already received it. We don;t wait til the
Great Tribulation is upon us and THEN hope and pray we get selected and sealed and become PART of the 144,000. The
144,000 are already at work, working for the Lord. They know their destiny and know what their is a plan and an AIM to their

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So to the question, I merely answered... Are you part of the 144,000 ... YES.

And surely some of you are TOO ! Claim it, Believe it and Live it out !!

Onward Christian Soldiers !!!

PS) And do understand that we shall know for sure, if at the start of the tribulation, you and I are sealed by the Lord to protect
us as we battle on for HIM til the END.

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David Jay Jordan
Are you one of the 144,000 ?
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