David Jay Jordan's

                           The Anti-Christ, the Madhi and the Koran

Actually there isn't any major Messianic flaws in Islamic scriptures from the Koran as the prophet
Muhammad took his basics from the Old Testament and a little from the New Testament. But just like most
people in Judaism and Christianity don't understand their own scriptures, the great majority of followers of
Islam, are usually not submitted or knowledgeable about their our prophetic writings.

Because of this lack of discernment, Moslems just like Jews and Christians will foolishly accept the next
Messiah as the Christ when in fact he will be the
Anti-Christ. All three major religions will accept and
acknowledge the power and might of the 'so-called anointed one' who will fulfill some prophetic scriptures in a
twisted perverted, political way.IMO, only the elect, of the Moslems, Jews and Christians will be able to see
through the mask of divinity shown by the next evil "Messiah"

For the Koran says that the "Madhi, a man from the Family of the Prophet will without fail make his
appearance, one who will strengthen religion and make justice triumph. Following him will appear the
Anti-Christ, together with subsequent signs of the HOUR (the Day of Judgment). After this Madhi, Isa
(JESUS) will descend and kill the Anti-Christ." (http://www.templemount.org/islam.htm) (Summarized by
Lambert Dolphin) do read his whole article if you get a chance)

So did you catch it, Mohammed had it right saying that Christ will preceed the Anti-Christ, who will then be
destroyed by the true Christ or Madhi, or Messiah, or as we know him, the '
Son of God'. and Saviour.

As can be noted this follows the exact series of events as the
Endtime KING David, that prophet prophesied by
Moses,a Moses/Aaron duo, ,like Zeb/Joshua (Zechariah 4)(Rev 11) Why, because the prophet Mohammed knew
the scriptures and believed them. Matter of fact when one of his successors took Jerusalem (before building
their Dome) he quoted from Daniel upon seeing the Temple.

So even though many Muslims will be deceived by the Anti-Christ because they don't know their own
scriptures and they will follow the hordes of worshippers who will give their praise unto the all-powerful
Anti-Christ in Jerusalem, in the soon to be built Temple between the Dome and the Mosque. Again check out
the whole web-site of templemount.org to see what is happenning and will be happenning. The building site
has been selected because Daniel only gave less than a year for the Temple's building after the signing of the
Covenant. and so they will want to get going right away. I mean, the replica's as we were talking about before
have been already made, the stones have obviously already been cut, and a replica, spiritless Ark of the
Covenant has surely already been made in anticipation of the peace agreement being made. I mean, there is a
whole organization dedicated to having everything done, and it is.

So as may be seen, the time appears to be short, and all uninformed Christians, uninformed Jews, and
uniformed Moslims can easily fall into the Anti-Christs trap of believing that he is in the Christ. But thank
the King of Kings that enough truth's exist in the holy books of all so all are without excuse, yet all even
others can flee together out of Jerusalem, for the protection of the Real Christ into the wilderness.

We don't need a place or political power or human praise and acceptance when we can be accepted according to
our Heart by the Messiah that has already showed his love for us, by dying for us. True Muslims will find this
a relief as they won't have to pay for their own sins, just as is the case of Jews and the "holiness" Christians.
Only those that follow the truly submitted One (Jesus), the sinless One as even stated in the Koran, will
survive the Times ahead. In my opinion ......

In His Service and praise to
YHWH (Allah)


Dec 8, 2000
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