If there is anything the NWO and the Illuminati want to prepare the
world for it is for the rising into POWER of their man, the Anti-Christ.
For when you love and honour him, then you get receive his
MARK, and
you simulataneously lose your soul. And so understanding the deception
of the DaVinci Code, and their false lineage of the their false Christ is
extremely important.

As one of the main underlying themes throughout the DaVinci Code
is that Jesus had children through his marriage with
Mary Magdalene.
They saying, Jesus had not just sex but had actual children who
progressively left descendants from Christ who will again lead us.

But I would suggest to you, that of course Jesus had sex with Mary
Magdalene and others, this is part of the truth that proceeds their
lie. Because NO, in my opinion, Jesus did not have children from Mary
or anyone else, as we are already His children as He was the Creator
of us all. Consider Jesus was the Creator. SEE  
Jesus is the creator

And so I don't believe there is any rationale for Jesus establishing
a lineage of bloodlines, for that would mean some would be
predestined to follow Him, when this goes against His Principle...of
everyone having to choose including His supposed people the Jews. All
have to choose, and hence I would therefore say, giving such an
advanatge of being straight from the loins of the King of Kings would
be contrary to this

Besides, Jesus was not in the lineage of David. David was promised a
descendant that would rule in his stead in the EndTime before the
Lord comes. This End Time King being a descendant of david, but jesus
was not a descendant of david. Jesus was fathered by Himself, as His
seed didn;t come into existence 2,000 years ago, but Jesus was from
the BEGINNING and EQUAL to the FATHER. Mary, the mother of Jesus,
was impregnated by the Lord to produce the Lord physically. Joseph, seems
to have had the heritage of the Tribe of Judah, and so could easily
have been in the lineage of King david, and produced a son, that may
eventually produce our King david in the End Time.

But our King David, who is one of the TWO witnesses will not be
Jesus, for they both die on the steps of the Temple in the near
future. SEE
Endtime King David IE Jesus is and was not a son of David,
but as Jesus said, David was a son of Jesus. A very important point in
TRUTH and prophecy.

So what the Illuminati tricksters are trying to establish in the
twisted minds of the whole world is that Mary Magdalene started a
lineage of the Christ that ran through their Meroginvian lineage of
Kings.... the Danite lineage rather than the Judian lineage, and it
is this lineage that will take the throne in the End TIME. They
preparing the way for their upcoming King to become King of the WHOLE

And they are right, their evil yet well spoken powerful King will
rule the whole world and become the supposed Returned Messiah for the
Jews, Christians and the Madhi for the Muslims...all combined into
one. And to supposedly proof his kingship, they will parade out his
bloodlines from Christ and Mary through their evil Merogovian lineage
all the way up til today.

That was the conclusion of the movie and maybe even the book. A
looking for the descendant of the King of Kings and a descendant of
david, but their prophecy is twisted and perverse as their man is the
ANTI-CHRIST and not the Christ.

And our Saviour will allow Him to take over for three and a half
years, while we are lead by the Lord's
TWO Witnesses, who choose Him,
follow Him and lead us through the wilderness to Petra.

Anyway brethren, the DaVinci Code did have some truths included
to give it some credability but overall it was devilish in its reason for
existence, for it does prepare the way for the evil one, as they do control
the media. Yet by knowing the truths of prophecy and sexual prophecy
we can avoid adopting their lies. For sex is a very mportant part of  PROPHECY    
Sex and Prophecy


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