Brethren, Paul was not speaking for the LORD when he demanded that the congregations throw out widows under 60 years old.
This is absolutely against what the Lord said through his prophets, said himself and how Jesus lived and for whom He died.  So
don't give me that crock that every word of Paul was the WORD of GOD, it wasn't when he violates the principles of the Lord,
because of his great FEAR of women and sex.

Jesus said to take in the outcasts .....
Gathering Outcasts Prophecy Jesus said, If any want to follow him, let them come.... Jesus
never said to disallow entry to anyone, because of their gender, sexuality or because of their age. But Paul because of his
patriarchal bias and prejudice against women and sex, and his pendant towards good works wrote...

1Timothy 5:9, 10 Let not a widow be taken into the number under threescore years old, having been the wife of one man. Well
reported of for good works; if she have brought up children, if she have lodged strangers, if she have washed the saints' feet, if she
have relieved the afflicted, if she have diligently followed every good work
. (This is an absolutely unloving dictate that throws
younger widows who through no fault of their own have lost their husbands. This is not the Lord's commandment but Paul's and
should be seen as such, and should be totally disregarded. Heart and soul and their choice to enter IN, is what matters and not
their gender or age or sexuality nor their past good works. This applies to all that would enter IN, the Lord sees not as man sees
or as Paul saw, but looks at the heart and motivation of ALL. (1 Samuel 16: 7)

1Ti 5:11 But the younger widows refuse: for when they have begun to wax wanton against Christ, they will marry; (That's again
a foolish statement, demanding that older dead asexual widows might be trusted into the congregation, but they should not let
younger widows in because they might look for a husband within the congregation. Jesus said, share and love and take care of, and
even have multiple wifes if that is what it takes to help and care for all. A younger widow who may still want and need sex and a
man should not be outcast just because she is being normal and natural the way the Lord created her. Throwing her out and
keeping her out is not the LORD'S WORD, it is from Paul's fear and bias because he was anti-woman and anti-sexual.)

1Ti 5:12 Having damnation, because they have cast off their firstfaith. (What !!! being hormonal or having sex does not dam
someone, nor does having a second wife or having an older first wife. Paul did not ban and outcast older single guys who are
widows so why would he even suggest that they throw out widows in the 20's, 30's, 40's and 50's. That's unfair, that's ungodly
.... and Paul's demands and atitude towards these widows is ungodly.)

1Ti 5:13 And withal they learn to be idle, wandering about from house to house; and not only idle, but tattlers also and
busybodies, speaking things which they ought not.
(That again is totally unfair to blame the sins of some on ALL, and label all
younger widows as negatively as Paul has done. Maybe if they were given freedom and responsibility and allowed away from the
homefront more of them might have been more fruitful for the LORD. Trust and love inspires everyone to do more for the Lord.
But banning them and outcasting them to the wolves of this world was not and is NOT the Lord's method nor HIS WORD)

1Ti 5:14 I will therefore that the younger women marry, bear children, guide the house, give none occasion to the adversary to
speak reproachfully.
(Who the hell cares if the dam adversary accuses brethren in the congregation. he is a liar and doing
everything for appearance sake is NOT what the Lord taught or how He lived. The devil always condemns tries to condemn and
villify the righteous, so forget his accussations and we are just to do what is right and loving...regardless of how it may look to
outsiders. So what if they talk, we have to obey the Lord and HIS LOVE.)

1Ti 5:15 For some are already turned aside after Satan. (What, if young widows don't marry they are turning aside to Satan.
That's absolutely ludicrous and false and untrue. Widows under sixty have the right to stay single after losing their first husband
if they choose. Single male widows don;t have to remarry so of course single female widows also do not have to get married
before they can JOIN the Lord's people. They are the Lord's people if their heart is right, and by casting them out or forcing them
to marry when they don't want to, is not the LAW of the LORD. Shame on you Paul for demanding what the Lord never ever

Jesus spoke to the woman at the well, and accepted her.... and she was the first person on EARTH to realize his absolute
DIVINITY, and be a WITNESS FOR HIM. And she was a widower probably under 60, who had outlived five husbands and had
a common law one when meeting Jesus at the well.

Jesus saith unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto
her, Thou hast well said, I have no husband: For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband: in
that saidst thou truly. The woman saith unto him, Sir, I perceive that thou art a prophet....The woman saith unto him, I know
that Messias cometh, which is called Christ: when he is come, he will tell us all things. Jesus saith unto her, I that speak unto thee
am HE.

In other words, this widower was the first person to whom Jesus revealed that HE was the MESSIAH. He didn;t treat her as an
outcast, because of her Samartitan background nor because she had had five husbands previously nor because she was not
presently married to her common law husband. He did not ever ask her age, or belittle her because of her youth, sexual activity or
because of her situation BUT perceived she had loving and receptive HEART. And she was the FIRST person in the Lord's
congregation HERE on EARTH, that believed HE WAS the CHRIST.

Jhn 4:28 The woman then left her waterpot, and went her way into the city, and saith to the men, Come, see a man, which told
me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?

The Lord did not cast her out, but brought her IN. Matter of fact she was the very first sheep to enter into his sheepfold. Jesus
actions absolutely contradict the outcasting actions that Paul wanted to be done to the younger widows in the EARLY CHURCH
Let's obey JESUS not Paul when it comes to women and sex. Whenever Paul contradicts the Lord, let's obey the LORD and
follow the LORD'S LOVE and EXAMPLE..

As the apostles said, (both men and women),
'We ought to obey GOD rather than men'.

In His Service

David Jay Jordan
Anti-widow Paul
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