Art copywrighted by Pat Smith
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                                                     Angel starts End Times

In my dream on the night of November 11th 2004, I was walking towards the rocky shoreline of the ocean. But off to my left I saw
this huge ship up against the cliffs by the ocean. And yet I thought to myself, how could this be as the water was calm and peaceful,
and it was a beautiful sunny day. The ship was sitting upright on the rocks, and completely intact and undamaged.

Then as I approached the shoreline, I saw a snake-like creature swimming towards me in the ocean. It seemed to be about four feet
long and was yellow in color. It flung itself at me, but fell short in its effort, and so again propelled itself at me. This time, it caught a
hold of me with its mouth on my stomach. I fought with it, even as it transformed itself into an armadillo like coil, with plates on its
back. I got it off, only to see that its mouth had suctions like a leech, as surely it was trying to suck the life out of me. And yet
strangely it didn’t frighten me, even though it looked and acted so horrible. I just threw it back into the water. It transformed
itself back into a snake and swam away.

So I turned and headed back to the lodge or large house in which I was staying. It was set on a flat plateau, grassland above the ocean
shore bordered by these cliffs down to the water. I again noticed the ship, now on my right, and again wondered what it was doing
there. But the weather changed, instead of sunshine, clouds came over and it began to get quite dark and foreboding. I could now see
lights going on the ship decks, and could see people strolling up and down along them. It was like they were living on-board, and the
weather change meant nothing to them at all. But how could the ship have gotten there, what huge wave or force put it in such a
situation so close to the cliffs and yet so upright and untouched.

They didn’t seem to notice the change of weather though, like I did. Something was terribly wrong. So I hurried up the path, to
the plateau and home. There I could see a few people running around, because of the impending darkness and seeming trouble they
also seemed to have sensed. They were frantic, but the ones in the ship were so placid and clam, strolling on the lighted decks.

Somehow for some reason I looked up, and saw this huge shape above me. The clouds started to part and I soon realized it was a
huge white angel with out-stretched wings, like an eagle. It was horizontal and so long in length, but it didn’t move, but remained
stationary. Then from one wing tip, it started to go bright golden in color and radiance. This spread throughout its body, right to its
other wingtip.

At this time, the whole sky seemed to clear up around it. This giving me the ability to see that it had a square plate, like a breastplate
in the middle of its chest. Behind it, I could then, see other angels flying about in preparation for something. I didn’t know what,
but it seemed like they were preparing for war because they all were carrying shields. There were so many of them, just like an army.

Then I don’t know how to explain it but I saw and felt the heaven, and air, shake. I looked down and saw the plateau I was
standing on was also shaking. I started running back towards the lodge, and yet I wanted so much to talk to the people who were
running around in fright, and yet they wouldn’t stop and talk with me. I ran into the house, and there I saw a person sitting on a
long bench, seemingly undisturbed by all the trouble outside. I said to them, I’m going home, you are welcome to come with me.
I’m going home’. The person said, ‘No thanks, but if you want to take that baby over there, it’s all right with me’.
So I grabbed the baby in my arms and left the house.

But upon leaving, I saw this wild, out of control man running towards me. He was swinging an axe over his head as if total chaos was
starting to reign outside. I don't know if he was coming for me, or going to head into the house, but I didn;t wait to find out and just
keep fleeing. (END of Joy's DREAM)

Interpretation (By Jay)

In my opinion, because Joy/Trixiee got this dream on the night of November 11th as it was a very significant confirmation that
THEN was the start of the trouble she foresaw, and the start of the
LAST SEVEN YEARS of Daniel. This because she her previous
dreams have almost all by now been fulfilled and I have found them to be prophetic … and all this year she hasn’t had any other
ones until NOW.

So the SNAKE in the ocean is obviously the serpent, the devil who wants to attack and suck the live out of those that fear him. But
all we have to do is dislodge him and throw him away, and he will swim away. The SHIP is full of the people that the snake has
bitten and deluded with peace and safety. They are totally unaware of any trouble ahead, and think their ship will take care of them
and their lives of leisure as they stroll away their time on the very edge. The GOLDEN ANGEL was the Lord’s commander of
all these other angels preparing to go to war against Satan and his minions, which will be happening in the Tribulation, as we are told
to gather the Lord’s sheep. The breastplate represents as in the Old Testament, the 12 tribes of  Israel, but for us it will
represent the gathering of the 144,000 of spiritual Israel The RUNNING PEOPLE are those that are on a better foundation than
those in the ship. They know trouble is coming and yet they are petrified in fear because they don’t know where to run or what
to do. The PERSON in the house is like the church people who are just too old and comfortable and just won’t move. While the
BABY are those who are young in heart and shall be swooped up and cared for by  Joy and others just as the woman (the true
church) in the wilderness shall carry away the children and ‘Brides of the Lord’ into the '
Wilderness'. The Man with the AX,
represents the danger that will occur when the darkness comes, and chaos starts to rule. It will be dangerous for those that stay
inside church buildings, hoping its structure will protect them. We have to know in advance where to go and what to do. For
weapons will not protect us, and  only the Lord shall deliver us through them and to our ‘home' or '
Encampment'  before His 2nd