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                                                           Anal Sex is Dirty

Sex is good and from God, but that does not mean that there are not sexual sins, as obviously there are. And
although sex is clean and unto the pure all things are pure, physically there is some sex, that is unclean because
of unclean physical conditions, lack of physical cleanliness of the participants, or the method of sex used. For
although some may not like it being said, I personally think ‘anal sex’ is dirty and unclean. and not of the

To put it simply, the anus just wasn’t meant to be used for sex in my opinion. It was made for excretion
and waste removal and not for sex. No amount of cleansing or washing can make it clean, and even if forced
open, sexual activity can cause medical problems with the sphincters, etc. It just isn't worth the risk in my

 But this isn’t an anti-gay remark as anal sex can be done by lesbians, and bi’s and even heterosexuals
as well. It can span all classifications, and therefore anal sex can be harmful to ones health whether male or
female. it isn't gender specific.

And yet having said this, I don’t consider, it the unforgivable sin as the church sometimes does. Why,
because if it is done in private among consenting adults, it may only be a private personal choice. It might not
be the greatest choice, but they and they only are responsible and they only affected. Some people may just be
inclined that way, sadly to say. And I for one can't condemn them for a private personal decision. It's not my
or our business, in my opinion.

Anal sex is hardly an unforgivable sin, for the unforgivable sin has nothing to do with sex. Rejecting Jesus and
His Love and His Messiah ship, is the only unforgivable sin I know of, and that’s only if people have been
given chance after chance and still reject His Love and Sacrifice. But what kind of sex we engage in, is hardly
the determining factor, and hardly unforgivable. It might not be recommended, and it might be terribly harmful
to their health, but if they choose this in private, that’s their choice. I mean, 'which of us is without sin' We
are all sinners, and believe it or not, none of us can say we have stopped sinning in 'every which way'. So
surely we can accept them as Christians outside their bedrooms, whether they are male, female, bi, gay,
lesbian, or whatever. (SEE
Can Gays be Saved ?)

For again who among us are squeaky clean. …None ! For even if we are clean physically, which among us is
absolutely clean spiritually.... NONE . Therefore, in my opinion we are all under Grace and only standing by
the Grace of God from our Common Savior. And we better be humble about our status rather than proud and
condescending to others. I mean all churches have sinners. And all churches have people that continue sinning
to some degree or even larger degrees in the heterosexual churches.

So anal sex in my opinion isn't the greatest, whether hetero or gay or bi. And seeing we have the freedom to
so many other clean ways of having sex, why do we  need to use one that is potennially very dangerous to our
health and well being.

In My Opinion Only

David Jay Jordan

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